Three Things to Do When You Are Choosing Activities for Your Children

Three Things to Do When Choosing Activities for Your Children “I knew I should have signed him up for that!” I told my husband as I found out all of my son’s friends would be playing soccer and my son was not on the team.  I could only imagine recounts of the big game after the weekend and my son would not be able to participate.

My husband wisely reminded me, though, that our schedule was already crazy and that we wanted to be able to take some trips to the cabin on the weekend.

But which is better?  Missing some games and being part of a team or not even joining?  There seem to be so many decisions to make as a parent.

There is a book in the Bible called Nehemiah.  It talks about how Nehemiah rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem. Reading through Nehemiah, God showed me three things that Nehemiah did that I could do when making decisions.

Be Prayerful

“What color should I make the tower Mama?” his little voice asks me. In that moment I realize that what I say will matter to him and it will alter how he creates this masterpiece.  In the same way, what God says needs to matter.

I prayed to the God of Heaven, and I answered the King, ‘If it pleases the Lord and if your servant has found favor in your sight, let him send me to the city…’ (Nehemiah 2:4,9).

Nehemiah went to God before he made any decisions. I need to seek God’s counsel over my own, my husband’s, or even my mother’s! By reading the Bible and praying, we will grow in our knowledge of Jesus and what He is asking of our families. If we seek His counsel first, we can then also seek wisdom for the people around us.  The longer I am a parent, I realize that sometimes it is not the actual decision that matters as much as what God teaches me through making the decision.

Focus on Your Part

While rebuilding the wall, Nehemiah goes into great detail about how people in each group worked on the part of the wall that was right in front of them.  They were not concerned with anyone else’s work.  Instead, they focused on what needed to be done not allowing themselves to get sidetracked.

In this world of perfectly Pinterest-themed parties and travel teams for every single sport under the sun, it is very easy for me to start comparing. How come she looks like she is doing it all and the trunk of her van is still spotless?  Why do her kids never seem to fight?

Very often, this constant comparing leads me to making decisions for the wrong reasons: I want to look good to other people; I want my kids to be liked; I want my son to be able to join in on the soccer conversation on a Monday morning.

However, when I make my decisions in light of what is important to our family and what will bring glory to God, most decisions become much clearer.


This parenting thing is hard.  From the time they come home and you wonder how the hospital ever let you take this baby to when they are adults, it never gets easier.

I am carrying on a great project and cannot come down (Nehemiah 6:3).

Nehemiah did what God demands of us as parents.  Stay focused. Do NOT come down.  When you have to make those tough decisions, pray about them, make them your decisions, and then trust God to take care of them.  Persevere and keep praying for your kids.  Keep spending time with them.  Because God desires that same thing from us.To spend our days getting to know His plans for us is the best decision we can make.




Angie Ryg Angie  Ryg has been described as the “fun sister next door.” And like a real sister, she will make you laugh as well as challenge you to drink deeper from the well of God’s grace. She has written an e-book to the heart of women, titled Clutter Free Simplicity. Her book encourages women to clear the clutter in their hearts and homes by focusing on what is really important – their daily walk with Jesus.

Although she loves connecting with women and writing on her blog, one of Angie’s most important ministries is being a wife to her childhood sweetheart and mama to one princess and three princes. They enjoy camping, playing the old fashioned board game called Big Deal, and acting out the TV show Chopped. You can connect with Angie on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Such wise words! It’s so good to be reminded to use the biblical model and be prayerful in our daily decisions! I need to remember that ultimately I am serving an audience of One and that God needs to be honored by my actions and decisions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! The beautiful and wonderful audience of One. May every decision that I make today reflect the joy that I have find in God and the pleasing of Him. And more prayer for me? Yes, please! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts! 🙂

  2. Really good highlights of things to be reminded of in parenting! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in fads, legalism and comparison. Our parenting now looks vastly different now than it has over the years. There is more grace, less frustration & more beauty in our family as we draw closer in relationship to a loving Father. Blessings!

    1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE that: “more grace, less frustration.” That is what beautiful parenting looks like! And through The Holy Spirit, we can, little by little, consistently follow persevere in our calling as parents with excellence. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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