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Ten Reasons Mom Is a “10”

Ten Reasons Mom is a 10

She carries a lot on her little shoulders . . . and sometimes she can get worn down. Which should be expected because just about everything in this world is pulling against everything she stands for and is trying to do.

Where, for instance, will you find the culture telling moms that being a mom is of infinitely more importance than being, say, an accountant or any number of other careers?

Now, if you have a career, good for you, but careers don’t change the world, disciplers do – the people who are teaching others by example what is right and how to live . . . like Jesus, and like Mom. This is why a godly mother makes Jesus happy – she’s doing what He said to do, “ . . . go and make disciples.” Remember the Great Commission?

Every godly, faithful mom is fulfilling the great commission every day.

Today, Lisa is worn down – tired out – and let’s face it . . . a little (a lot) discouraged.

When you’re in a war, one of the best strategies is to make sure your enemy never rests. And, make no mistake, Mom, you are the enemy . . . of Satan. He is at war with everything you stand for. The last thing he can countenance is a godly mom being faithful in the everyday spiritual endeavor of discipling a godly generation.

This is why a husband’s (my) role is so critical. I must endeavor to build up Lisa and support her in the high calling of motherhood.

So, today, I thought I’d share with her, and with you, Ten Reasons Mom is a 10!

1) You Are a Giver: You love your children more than you love yourself.

2) You Are a Good Example: You are a godly mom who teaches our children by how you live.

3) You Are a Good Encourager: Whenever the kids need a word to lift them up, there you are, filling their hearts with truth and love.

4) You Are a Good Homemaker: Is there a speck of dust here and there? Sure, but being a good homemaker is about far more than a little dust in the corner. It’s about creating a loving, safe, peaceful environment . . . like our home.

5) You Are a Good Disciplinarian: Our children know they are loved because you will not tolerate sinful behavior.

6) You Are a Good Manager and a Hard Worker: For years, we’ve always had good, nutritious food to eat, and the house is run with foresight.

7) You Are a Fun Person: We all love being around you because you’re a lot of fun.

8) You Are a Strong Defender: The world is filled with “Christian” smiles that hide daggers in the heart. You are a ready defender of your children from such destructive ungodliness.

9) You Are a Lover of Jesus: Your commitment to your Lord is known to all and, that’s an awesome testimony.

10) You Are a Faithful Lover: You’ve given your children the best gift a mom can bestow – faithfully loving your husband in front of them. It’s no accident they are secure.

So, thanks for being an awesome mom! I hope you breathe all of this in and know you are loved by your Heavenly Father, that He is deeply pleased by the life you live, and that He is especially pleased that you are part of turning the world upside down, one disciple at a time.

God Bless You!

Matthew Jacobson





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  1. I appreciated so much the thoughtful, kind words you spoke to your beloved wife. I think that this edification is a beautiful thing, and hope that your words encourage other husbands to honor their wives with the same love and care.

    I feel, however (by the gnawing, sinking feeling in my stomach) that I must question two lines: “being a mom is infinitely more important than a (career)” and “careers don’t change the world.” I cannot begin to express the despair and guilt that imparts on women, such as myself, who are not sure if God is calling us to become mothers, but who feel very called to pursue a career, or women who desperately want to become mothers, but can’t. I trust that your heart is good, and you do not mean to trample on non-moms in order to edify moms. I am not trying to make a theological debate about gender roles, just to ask for some sensitivity. And careers CAN save the world, I just started a job as a physician assistant in an inner city jail, where I might be the only person my patients encounter that treats them with dignity, respect, care, and the love of Jesus. Scripture has a lot to say about those in captivity, and I hope to serve Jesus with all my might among a very hard-to-love population (that is also largely feared and ignored by the church). So please, edify and encourage your wife and other wives and moms from the roof tops, I applaud you, and thank you, for my friends who are those very moms in need of encouragement. Just please take care not to put women down if God has called them down a different path. 🙂

    1. Dear Sister,

      Thank you so much for sharing from your heart and for being bold and honest enough to challenge something that hits you wrong. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. Also, may I say how deeply evident is your godly spirit in the approach you have taken to this dialogue – not always common on internet conversation threads! Here are my thoughts on the issues you’ve raised.

      The Word says that the Holy Spirit is like the wind, not like a math equation. He will come and go in ways we don’t necessarily see, understand, or define. From this, we can know that He will lead different people differently. As the Holy Spirit leads you to fulfill the good works prepared for you to do before the foundations of the earth, and those good works do not include motherhood, God bless you! I would never presume to know the Spirit’s leading in another person’s life.

      Motherhood is God’s natural design for what brings stability to His culture, the Church, and myriad benefits to a home, without which no culture can survive. Motherhood in the married state isn’t merely a choice to be taken or left. If, however, God through direct leading or through life circumstances has taken His child on a pilgrimage away from motherhood, His plan is still perfect, beautiful, and glorifying to Him.

      But, whichever direction God leads it really is discipleship that changes the world and is at the core of what Christians are called to do. From what you’ve written, it is manifestly evident that you see your work in the context of discipleship – sharing the love of Jesus through your service and offering an example of how to live, and that is a beautiful thing. From what you describe, it’s easy to imagine your corner of the world changing – in other words, disciples of Jesus being made.

      Would you agree that the world we inhabit denigrates mothers for not having careers outside the home? That mothers are often made to feel somewhat less than adequate because they’ve chosen to serve their families rather than to pursue a career? It was to this sense of condemnation that I juxtaposed the “cultural requirement” of pursuing a career to the normative (for the married Christian woman) high calling of motherhood. That old saying, ‘The hand that rock the cradle rules the nation,’ is just another way of saying discipleship is important – that Mom is important, of extreme value and, indeed, powerful.

      God bless you in the sphere to which you have received His call.

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