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23 Ways to Be a Good Parent

23 Ways to Be a Good Parent

When I was twelve years old, I was frustrated with my mom about something.

“I’m going to write down how to be a perfect mom,” I told her. “And I’m going to keep it so I won’t treat my kids this way!”

“Go for it,” she told me. “And I bet you’ll change you mind about the things on your list once you have kids.”

I started that list, but I never finished it. I wish I would have. I bet they were things like later bedtime and watching all the popular movies. And my mom was right. That list would have changed, especially since I know now that there is no such thing as a “perfect” mom.

I love this quote by Jill Churchill: “The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.”

I’m sure there are a million ways to be a good mom, but {with the additional help from my Facebook friends!} I’ve come up with twenty-three!

23 Ways to Be a Good Parent

1. Be patient. ~Verna
2. Look at your child’s eyes when he talks to you.
3. Tell him, “God has BIG plans for your life. I can’t wait to see them!”
4. Listen to your children. Believe in them. ~Molly
5. Give your child a way to serve others . . . and praise her efforts.
6. Play his favorite board game even if it’s your least favorite.
7. Be willing to admit you were wrong—apologize to your children. ~Billy
8. Read to your child fifteen minutes a day.
9. When you are spending time with your children, be there 100%. No phones or distractions. Show them how it feels and teach them to give that gift to others. Time together, quality time, is so important in our busy-doing-so-much world. ~Shanyn
10. Make family dinners around the table a priority.
11. Learn how to say no and stick to it. ~ Bonnie
12. Love his father/mother.
13. Become a detective and discover your child’s unique gifts and talents, and then help her to develop them!
14. Focus on training more than discipline/punishment. Keep the training spirit. Don’t assume you’ve told them once or a million times and now they will never fail. ~Angie
15. Speak with kindness.
16. Breathe! ~Elizabeth
17. Kids need your direction. Be the parent not the friend. They have friends. ~Cherie
18. Take time to answer your child’s questions.
19. Always always always love them always. ~ James
20. Love and accept your kids, no matter what . . . and make sure they know you do. And hug them. Boys especially need love, acceptance, and more physical touch than the occasional spanking. ~Mark
21. Listen to your child, the way you wish your parents had listened to you. ~Dena
22. Take your child to lunch and leave your smart phone in your pocket.
23. Spend more time playing with your kids and their Christmas presents than cleaning up the wrapping paper mess.

Now how about you? How are you a good parent? Also, feel free to ask you child what would be on her list; it will bring up some great conversation!


Tricia Goyer

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  1. #2 is how I’ve found to be a better mom. Not only do they feel that i’m totally and undistractedly (that’s not a word, but it should be lol) focused on them – I keep myself from getting distracted from what they are saying, and actually hear their words and heart behind them. #3 is amazing! Just this week I was saying that to one of my children, and the response was “REALLY?! You think so?!”. It was precious – like thankfulness that I thought such amazing things about them and excitement/eagerness to see what lays ahead.

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