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5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Homeschool Family Should Consider

What is it about the new year that brings about this instinctual desire to do better? We all want a fresh start in our new year. There are so many great ideas for goal setting for your homeschool, but too often we tend to be a little too Pollyanna with our plans (you know, positively certain we can do it all perfectly). When we kick off our official start to our school year in the fall, many families make the age old mistake of “biting off more than they can chew.” We go into our school year thinking we can conquer the world of homeschooling and get everything done that we set out to do.

The reality is that homeschooling is a lifestyle…and boy, oh boy…does life happen when you’re homeschooling. So, when we are facing a new year, it makes great sense to create a few new resolutions within our homeschool.

I’m not always a fan of the word “resolution” when it comes to a new year. I prefer to think in terms of goals. Resolutions are too vague. Goals tend to be more actionable.

Every January I think it’s good practice for every homeschool family to consider these 5 New Year’s “Resolutions.”

How's your homeschool? Mid year is a great time to create new goals and ditch what's not working. Make a plan! These ideas will help jumpstart your new year of learning!

#1 Re-Evaluate Your “Why!”

One of my top tips for homeschool families is to write down your “why” for homeschooling. It takes a certain amount of crazy to homeschool. You will absolutely have bad days during your homeschool year. I don’t say this to scare anyone, I just want to keep it real. However, when the hard days come it really helps to have your reasons why you started homeschooling handy. So, this new year take a moment to look at your “why” and add to it. You’ll feel extra energized to kick off this year with your schooling.

#2 Ditch What’s Not Working!

The absolute worst thing you can do for you and your kids is to keep trying to make curriculum work that isn’t a good fit for you or for them. So, take a look at what is working and what just isn’t working. There are so many ways to finish strong with subjects even without curriculum. There is a chapter in my book, Homeschool Basics, with TONS of ideas on how to simplify your curriculum. (It’s on sale now, too).

#3 Plan More Fun!

I know we are just coming off a holiday break. Yet, we often push hard to homeschool with no breaks all the way to Easter. You don’t have to take a week off or anything big like that, but planning for a day of fun is often just what your kids need for extra motivation to get work done. Sometimes just planning a field trip or a food related activity to your week can make all the difference.

#4 Plan to Attend a Homeschool Convention!

If you have a homeschool support group, then you know just how important it is to surround yourself with people who can encourage you in your homeschooling. Homeschool conventions are also a great place to go and listen to encouraging speakers and see all kinds of fun curriculum and supplies. I personally buy mp3s while at conventions of my favorite speakers, so I can listen to a workshop while I go for a walk or fold laundry. I’m going to be speaking at several conventions this year. I would love to get to encourage you in person. See if I’m in your area HERE.

#5 Get Organized!
My favorite thing: organization! Yes, it plagues me just as much as the next person, but I’ve worked so hard to simplify what we do through the years. Papers do pile up and books end up growing legs and mysterious move around the house. However, there is no better time than now to pull things together and get your homeschool curriculum and work organized. You don’t even need a planner, although they are handy. With close to half your year already done, it makes it easier to get your last weeks in order. Homeschool organization is such a passion of mine that I created a course all about it. I even created a special coupon for the new year: New2018 will get you $20 off! Be sure to check it out HERE if you struggle with staying organized. My best tip: Use a crate to organize your school work by week for every school aged child!

You can do it! You can start your 2018 off right and finish your homeschool year strong!

Blessings and joy,

Kristi Clover

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