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Preparing The Next Generation For Success

What does success look like to you? Are you grooming your children to go after it? To mark new levels of achievement in their lives and careers? Our definition of success and a life well lived will certainly effect what we teach them today. Do you want to train them in The ways God says they will be successful? Start here.

Almost every book we may pick up for success will include one paraphrase or another explaining what our parents forgot to teach us in preparing for our future.

While most of the time we are focusing on success and bringing up our children to a level of achievement, I wonder if we forget the basics of what our parents did train us up in and how success is defined in this generation?

So, perhaps the real question might be, “How can I prepare my children for success where it really matters?”

While in the thick of parenting every day, I often forget to think into the future and some days wonder if I am doing any thing right.

I realized half way through my parenting journey that my efforts shouldn’t be for success in evidence seen daily, but in the rewards of knowing that I am making the best decision to teach my children, who will in turn do the same.

Our children will remember our words and they will live out the actions that they know brought us peace and joy. They will run far from any thing that seemed to bring conflict, unrest or division in our homes.

Here are a few points of reference as you teach and prepare the next generation:

1. Search for Wisdom as Hidden Treasure – Parenting through Proverbs is one of the best gifts you can give your children all of the years they are raised in your home. As their questions about life become harder and their level of maturity is defined by their decisions, the only Wisdom that will truly guide them will be God and His Word.

Wisdom seekers are successful stewards of their lives. Begin there.

Teach them to incline their ears, search for it as silver, listen for it and apply it daily. Begin today and lead them in this way.

2. You are the company that you keep.  A Biblical principle of friendship, company, habits and identity is most important as your family chooses when, with whom and where you spend your time.

Successful relationships begin with Christ in the Center. Who are in your circle’s and do your children copy your behavior?

Surround yourself with friends and family that will challenge you to live a Godly life and encourage you in the bet decisions.

3. Pursue Righteousness – A daily habit in our homes of seeking the Kingdom first will truly reap the rewards of successful direction. Our time, our habits, our speech and our pursuits all after Righteousness will add everything they need to their future.

The Kingdom of God promises success in eternity. Are we all wrapped up and going in the wrong direction?

Every day we have an amazing opportunity to SHOW our children what peace-filled prosperity looks like. Consider your calling, your education, your profession and what the choices you have to make every day in those areas are teaching your family?

We can bring all areas of our lives under the submission of the Lord and bring Him glory and call it success. For Him.

May the next generation Know Him and pursue Him first. And all of these things will be added unto them. (Matthew 6:33)


September McCarthy

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