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Why Your Wedding Anniversary Matters

When your anniversary comes around how do you celebrate? Many of us send flowers, make a dinner reservation and go about our day like it is of little consequence, just another year of marking time. But what if one of the secret's to a thriving marriage is celebrating the day our covenant was sealed with a bang?! Don't miss another year (or day!) of showing your spouse how much you love them.

Having spent several of our anniversaries apart (7 of them to be exact), we have had a lot of discussions about whether or not we felt our wedding anniversary really mattered. Not to undervalue our wedding vows, but we asked this question more along the lines of this way of thinking: If we value our marriage every day, does missing our wedding anniversary together really matter?

Even though we didn’t have a choice to spend those 7 anniversaries apart (it was due to military combat tours and training) those separations really helped us cement a lot of things in our marriage that led us to the understanding that yes, our wedding anniversary does matter. But we also learned that it wasn’t what we did, where we were, or even if we were physically together that mattered. Rather we learned this simple truth: as long as we both value our marriage covenant enough to honor it, then that is what matters.

What we’ve learned over the years about the importance of our wedding anniversary has really allowed us to get creative about celebrating our blessed union even when we are thousands of miles apart! While there are so many ways we can love our spouse every day of the year, we really believe that it is very important to celebrate the day that your covenant was sealed. And here’s why…

Why Your Wedding Anniversary Matters

  1. Because you took a covenant before God to leave mother and father and cleave to one another, putting no one but God himself before each other. This beautiful charge found in Genesis 2:24 gives the believer a clear indication that your covenant matters. It matters so much that God created woman from man and calls them to be unified again (one flesh) through marriage. And God even gave the insight that it is imperative that you do not put your parents nor anyone else ahead of your spouse (with the exception of God Himself) otherwise it would cause a lot of marital issues. We’re thankful for this insight as we know for sure it has allowed us to honor one another in situations that may not have turned out well had others input been valued over one another.
  2. Because celebrating one another on your anniversary helps cement your love for one another. How? Simply by carving out the time to say, “Hey, you matter enough to me to do something special as a remembrance of our union.” This helps each of you continue to value one another and reflect on all you have been through in the time since you were first married. And if it’s anything like our marriage, you’ve been through a lot, and with God’s help have conquered a whole lot more! Here are some creative ways that you can celebrate your anniversary whether you are together or apart.
  3. Because if there is anything to celebrate in this world, it’s a time-tested marriage. Even if you haven’t been married that long, if you’ve made it to at least one of your anniversaries, your marriage has been tested. And this, friends, is something to celebrate! Remember that it doesn’t have to be extravagant nor even cost a dime, but be sure to make a point to honor one another in some way or another on your anniversary. Not only will it make you and your spouse feel special, it will honor God’s design for marriage by showing the action of love toward one another. And this is what it’s all about!

What is your favorite way to honor your marriage covenant on your anniversary? We’d love to hear about it!

In Christ’s Love,

Michael & Carlie Kercheval


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