7 Ways to Invest in Your Marriage

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I used to believe marriage unfolded naturally.  I thought if my husband and I are good people who follow God then our encounters of conflict would be minimal.

I prepared for that pivotal moment of saying “I do” down to every last little detail.  I was naive to believe a wedding needed more preparation and intentional investment than a lifelong commitment to my actual marriage.

My husband and I experienced challenges from day one of being joined together as one flesh, and the truth is that we struggled to overcome.  If we would have done nothing but let our marriage unfold, it would likely have unraveled.

However, God taught us (and continues to teach us) the importance of intentionally investing in our marriage. Instead of my vows becoming “I did” I had to assume the responsibility that marriage requires me to “DO” (and keep doing)!

When my husband and I seek out ways to cultivate intimacy and implement specific strategies to strengthen our relationship, drastic improvement follows.

I hope this list below encourages you to hang in there and inspires you to keep “DOING” in your marriage! The benefits you reap will be beautiful and fulfilling.

7 Ways to Invest in Your Marriage

1.  Pursue God Every Day

He is the One who will refine you and shape your character to reflect His perfect character.  He will reveal things to you that will be significant to the way in which you operate in marriage and how you can improve. He is also the One who created marriage, so He ultimately knows it best and knows exactly what you need in your marriage. Read His Word and pray for yourself and your spouse.

2.  Decide to Be Kind

This is a helpful reminder because sometimes we don’t feel like being kind.  As you communicate throughout the day be sure your heart, your words, your body language, and anything you do is motivated by kindness.  It is a choice you get to make daily.

3.  Initiate Intimacy

Do not wait for your spouse to initiate physical intimacy or emotional connection through conversation! Have the courage to do it no matter what.  This will ensure you and your spouse are experiencing intimacy and not just waiting on each other to make a move.

4.  Seek Together Time

Companionship is vital for marriages to thrive. Find activities to do together that will build a stronger bond of friendship.  Go on dates, serve God, share hobbies, exercise and engage in any other form of recreation or work that will give you something to do together. Make this time to spend with your spouse a priority.

5. Educate Yourself

Remaining humble and teachable will allow room for God to teach you wonderful insights about marriage, information needed in order for you and your spouse to grow and mature.  Read books and blogs about marriage, experience marriage conferences, and go to seminars where the topic is about building a strong marriage.

6. Serve Your Spouse

Serving your spouse requires selflessness.  As you focus on serving your spouse and fulfilling his or her needs, you reflect God’s incredible love.  Never give up serving your spouse.

7.  Join Community

God uses people all the time to share wisdom about different life seasons that help us grow.  Cultivate friends in community where you can ask questions or receive advice about different challenges you face in marriage.  Friends will help you, laugh with you, cry with you, and carry you.

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These are the greatest tips I can share on how to invest in your marriage.  As I have implemented these 7 ways to invest in marriage I have seen extraordinary growth in my relationship with my husband.  No matter the condition of your marriage, please evaluate your life and see how you can be investing in your marriage today!

– Jennifer Smith    Unveiledwife.com

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