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How Renewing your Marriage Vows Can Reignite your Marriage

Do you remember your vows? When we committed our lives to our spouses on our wedding day, we spoke some of the most sacred words in our love story. Recommitting to them and renewing them can prove to be quite wonderful! Are you ready to reignite your marriage?

Does it feel as though you and your spouse are like ships passing in the night? We find that with our kids’ activities, work commitments and the responsibilities that go along with making our home run smoothly, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important parts of life…namely, our relationship. When the other parts of life get in the way, keeping romance and excitement in your marriage may take the backseat, making it feel stagnant. Are you looking for ways to get the butterflies back (that you had when you were dating)? Here is how reigniting your marriage vows can reignite your marriage.

How Renewing your Marriage Vows Can Reignite your Marriage

It reminds you of your commitment to one another…and to God.

Think about why you and your spouse chose to get married. It was because you wanted to shout from the rooftops about your love for one another and to commit the rest of your life to being with him or her. You knew that yours was a match made in heaven and wanted to promise God, in front of all of your family and friends, that you would honor your spouse and the partnership that He gave you.

When the mundane parts of daily life set in, it’s easy for us to forget each of those words that we spoke and to convince ourselves that we are fulfilling those vows. “…Love and cherish? Well, he knows I love him, but cherish…?” “…For better or for worse? Surely that doesn’t include when she’s upset about the dishes in the sink…” When we really think about those words and are honest with ourselves, we may find that we’re falling down on the promises that we made.

Recommitting yourself to your spouse through renewing your vows not only gives you a refresher on what marriage entails, it also provides you the opportunity to tell one another…and God…that you mean those words every bit as much now as you did the first time that you spoke them.

It shows her that you still choose her.

Think back to your wedding. You may have been young and new to life’s responsibilities. Of course you knew your spouse, but you may or may not have been aware of the nuances that make her the person she is…the traits that she doesn’t like about herself. You had no idea how she would react once she got that challenging job or became a mother. A lot has changed since you were married. Renewing your vows is a way of showing her that, if you had to do it all over again, you would still choose her.

It shows him that you love your life together.

Despite the more modern roles that husbands and wives take, where they are in partnership with one another and work at creating lifestyle together, men often still take where your family is and ideals surrounding the head of the household as a personal responsibility. Renewing your vows is a way to let your husband know that he’s doing a great job and that you love the life that you have together. It shows him that you love how he provides for your family and that you would choose no different life than the one that you have together.

It puts romance back where it belongs.

As already mentioned, the romance in your marriage is among the first things to go when life gets busy. Planning your vow renewal and a celebration surrounding it helps to place the emphasis back on your relationship. It gives you a chance to relive those giddy, excited feelings and to diligently plan how to make it a romantic occasion. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have reignited the romance and gotten your marriage back on track.

To Happy Marriages!
Michael & Carlie Kercheval

Do you know other ways how renewing your marriage vows can reignite your marriage? Please share your ideas!

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