3 Tips to Keep a Healthy Date Night Fund

Do you plan time for date nights? When finances are tight, it can be tough to make sure time alone as a couple stays a priority. Try these creative ways to save that will keep your date night fund full.Over the past 17 years we have realized many things that are vital to a healthy, thriving marriage. One of those things is the importance of having regular date nights. When we say “date night” we don’t necessarily mean that you have to do anything fancy nor even leave the house. We always say that it’s not what you do on your date nights, it’s who you do it with.

As a matter of fact, we are huge proponents of date nights at home. The ability to solely focus on one another is a priceless gift in and of itself and you can do that no matter where you are. Even if you choose to do date nights at home, having a budget to buy an expensive cut of meat or your favorite dessert from an upscale restaurant to share is a great way to keep it exciting!

And of course it is always fun to get away with your love and enjoy one another over a nice meal, cup of coffee, friendly sports competition, hike, or movie. And having a few extra dollars in the budget you can use without cutting into the family’s budget is a wonderful and guilt-free way to enjoy your time! Today we are sharing 3 tips to keep a healthy date night fund.

3 Tips to Keep a Healthy Date Night Fund

  1. Whenever possible use grocery coupons and put what you save into your date night fund. So for instance we will print off only the grocery coupons we need before each trip. Let’s say we saved $25 on one shopping trip (which we often do) and then we will turn around and put that money right into our date night fund. We realize that some times the budget won’t allow for this, and that’s okay. You can always do this once your budget allows for it.
  2. When shopping online, always use cash back sites. Our favorite cash back site is Ebates. We have been able to go on family vacations with the cash back we have received from this site. It’s super easy and doesn’t cost you a thing!
  3. Choose a percentage of your monthly income to put into your date night fund. When we first got married we literally could only afford to put 1% of our monthly aside for date night. Now 17 years later we’ve been able to bump that percentage. No amount is too small to set aside. The important thing is that you start the fund.

We hope that these three ideas can spark a newly found desire to keep a healthy date night fund. We know from experience that it is extremely important to have alone time to maintain a healthy marriage. We also know that life can sneak up on us and fill our head with excuses as to why we don’t have regular date nights. Remember that it’s not what you do on your date nights, it’s who you do it with. The most important part of date night is being alone with your love and sharing your hearts, dreams, and love with one another!

Here’s to many great date nights!

Michael + Carlie Kercheval

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