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What Your Wife Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Dads, let’s talk. You know those earrings you’ve been eyeing for your wife’s Mother’s Day gift? It’s a generous gesture. But it’s not what she really wants.

And those noodle necklaces the kids made—awww, they’re more precious than real jewels, it’s true. But they’re not quite enough.

Or maybe you’re the guy who gives no thought to Mother’s Day until the Saturday before, when you’re standing in the greeting card aisle with all the other last-minute dudes. Flowery sentiments are sweet. But she needs something more.

What's a family to do when they want to honor mom this Mother's Day and just aren't sure what gift will really hit the mark? Psst...We asked moms what they really want this year and their answers might surprise you! Don't miss the insider scoop that will lead you into loving Mom well this year!

I recently polled a group of women on Facebook, asking them what they really want for Mother’s Day this year. Several answers appeared again and again—common wishes with one central theme.

Most of them aren’t things.

If you want to treat your wife to a truly meaningful Mother’s Day, consider one of these special gifts that only you can give.

A day off. Seems ironic, doesn’t it? To celebrate her calling as a mom, your wife wants a day off from all her usual mom-related responsibilities. That means cooking, carpooling, changing diapers, and harping on the kids to brush their teeth. Take over for a day, dads, and your wife will be pampered.

A clean house. Yep, your wife wants a tidy home, and she wants somebody else to make it happen for a change. So scrub the floors, enlist the kids to dust, or hire a cleaning service for a day—or a year. Even moms who like to clean may enjoy a rest from the job.

No fighting. Imagine a whole day of peace and freedom from the kids bickering. Make a deal with them. This is Mom’s special day, and nothing would mean more to her than seeing her family show love to one another.

A family photo. Since Mom is usually the one to take the pictures, she rarely gets in the shot. This Mother’s Day, snap some photos of your wife with the kids, or better yet, book a professional photographer to capture the whole family.

Sleep. This is especially important to the mom whose nights are regularly interrupted by little people. If you can, allow your wife a full night’s sleep or at least an afternoon nap. It’s a luxury better than diamonds.

Time alone. Whether at a spa, or a coffee shop, or wheeling through the shoe department of Target, many moms said they would dearly love a little alone time—although not necessarily on Mother’s Day. Most women still prefer to spend the holiday with family, so consider giving your wife a voucher for a future escape.

Family time. Take your wife and kids to brunch. Play mini golf. Go on a picnic, a bike ride, a Sunday drive or a stroller walk. What you do doesn’t matter so much as how you do it. If you focus on making your wife feel special, admired, and encouraged—by lifting the load and celebrating her unique place in your life—then you will have showered her with gifts more valuable than any bank account could afford.

“. . . . serve one another humbly in love” (Galatians 5:13b, NIV).

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. What a thoughtful list! I admit, “Time Alone” is my personal favorite. I love my family to pieces, but I have little people around me all the time. A few moments of peace and quiet is a treasure to me at this stage in life. I have also asked my kids for the “No Fighting” every.single.year. but so far we are still working on that one. If you figure out the secret sauce, let me know! 🙂

  2. This hits the mark! As I’m reading down the list, I kept thinking, “that’s a good one, oh, that’s good too”. Then I got to the bottom and it says “Love, Becky.” I was like, “did I write this?” It just made it that more perfect. I think I will be forwarding this to my husband, and tell him I wrote it – my name is at the bottom:)

  3. All I ask for on mother’s day is one 24 hour period that is conflict free…..no fighting, arguing, no mom made decisions. Flowers and a steak are nice too…just saying! !☺

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