Stress Is A Family Killjoy

Stress is a Family Killjoy

The other day my husband and I stood in the kitchen piled beneath a weighty stack of stress. We had let our circumstances consume us and we snapped at each other. As our voices rose higher to get our own points across, we drowned out our son’s cry. He stood in between us pleading for us to make it all stop.

Our son had been physically stressed as his body fought against a sickness all week. All of us were lacking sleep and were on the grouchy side of life. Our house, our health, our lives had been flipped upside down…and instead of running to God for help…we chose to give into our flesh and fight against each other.

There we stood in the kitchen. My husband and I were not being team players and did not stop to consider each other in understanding and grace. Our son, with his shoulders slouched down and head back with the saddest look on his face, just wept in agony. When I looked down at him, everything stopped spinning and the house grew quiet.

I threw my arms around my baby and told him and my husband I was sorry. We were all sorry. My husband knelt down by us and just started to pray. He asked God for His peace to cover us, and God answered us immediately.

There are many days that my husband and I interact and we don’t see exactly how we are affecting or influencing our son. This day was different as all of our dramatic outbursts drew attention to the situation. However, I am learning it is imperative to be aware how my marriage affects my kid, because one day he will have a family of his own. My heart desires him to be even better than we are at loving others, but we must lead by example.

Stress. When my husband and I react or respond to each other in our stress, others feel it and often times carry the weight of that stress as well. Our son does, and I can see how it affects him negatively. He throws tantrums, yells, and even becomes defiant during times my husband and I encounter high stress. These are all behaviors that are not normal for him, as if he is using them to get our attention, to get us to stop.

We need to be willing to reduce our stress with intentional efforts, including going to God through prayer before things escalate.

I urge you to evaluate how your marriage will affect and influence the legacy you leave. It may be stress, it may be living an unhealthy lifestyle with lack of good eating choices and exercise, or it may be that you and your spouse need to intentionally seek a more personal relationship with God. Take some time today and commit to changing a negative behavior and turning it into a positive one. I am confident it will bless you and your entire family! And whatever you do…do not let stress be a family killjoy, rather pray for God’s peace!


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7

– Jennifer Smith

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  1. I definitely can relate, when im stressed and sometimes snap Chloee definitely lets me know. Sometimes it literally moves me to tears because I don’t want to be the momma who constantly allows stress to affect me and my family negatively.

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