Have You Lost Your Parenting Perspective?

Have You Lost Your Parenting Perspective?

If waking, working and winding down at the end of another very long day brings you emptiness and questions as to whether or not you have truly invested into your family, then perhaps you are stuck in the rut of routine.

Are we following strict schedules made for our families, never stepping into areas unchartered, and hoping predictable patterns will bring happiness to our children?  The curious thing about such a lifestyle is that we end up tired and trying to figure where the joy went in all of the comfort.

For somewhere along the way, we discover that despite all of our planning and security, we are living passionless lives.

And our parenting perspective grows blurry and stirs up a fear in us: are we missing something? something big that might be key to raising good and godly kids?

The big picture for families? It’s this: a God-ward redemptive perspective.

I am not the owner of my children, but the manager.

When I focus on WHOM I am accountable to in raising my children, I am then challenged to grow stronger, more passionate children who don’t care about their own comfort and want to act and love by faith, not fear.

We are stewards of the family God gave to us.  Declaring a vision and mission over them — one with a God-ward redemptive perspective — will change the way we see everything: time and money, routines and relationships.

Looking toward God pulls us from the rut of a passionless daily life where we can stop playing it safe, stop agonizing over the things that we don’t know or living so cautiously that we fear possibilities of pain and failure.

Have you ever written a family mission statement?

A good steward follows God’s precepts and plans, realizing the bigger picture is not always visible.  The one sure thing we do know? His plan is always best.

Living a life as an example of Christ to our children takes courage and wisdom.  Stepping out of our comfort zone to show them the light may mean letting some of our own comforts, schedules and time go.   Every day we will be challenged to grow kingdom changers.  We need to walk the path before they will step out behind us.

Pursue your family with a vision and a passion that will change their perspective toward Heaven.

What is keeping you from stepping into the unsure places with your family this week?

Are you willing to stir up your schedules for more time with the Lord?  Are you willing to serve outside your comfort zone?

We are accountable to be good stewards to the One True Owner of our children’s hearts and lives.  Let’s change the world, one family at a time.



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  1. Thank you- great encouragement and affirmation for where I am today. I decided to throw school out the window and just worship and pray in the afternoon yesterday. Regroup and refocus.

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