Embracing the Peace of Christmas

 The bustle of Christmas is palpable, but the peace? It can seem hard to find. This season, slow to embrace the gifts God is giving, and consider the miracle of how he came.

Emmanuel. God with us.

Christmas is a miracle. Our reality forever changed because God has initiated and dwelt with us. His whole heart at Christmas was to be with us. 

But are we available to Him?

My living room is full of cards that are still being addressed, my kitchen overflowing with baking dishes and flour on the countertops. We have been busy with activities nearly every night- concerts and Nutcracker tickets and festive light displays. When a few hours unscheduled present themselves, I often make a run to the grocery store or downtown to buy more gifts and more supplies for the merry celebration unfolding. 

But too full days have left me falling into bed each night feeling worn out, stretched even further thin, and wondering…when do I embrace the Peace on Earth in a season so naturally harried?

This Christmas, might I encourage you to intentionally pause? Hush by candlelight near the tree, sip cocoa while you wear fuzzy slippers, savor mulled cider and gingerbread while you read the Christmas story. Savor the delights Jesus takes joy in giving and sit in stillness with him. 

He is the peace, the beauty and the delight of Christmas. The gifts we bring and receive are no match for the embrace of the Person we have come to adore. 

Merry Christmas,


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