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How Can Our Children Hear God?

How Can Our Children Hear God?

When there is so much noise… How can our children hear God?   Living in a constant” state of busy,” will follow children into their adulthood, and then it becomes a battle of finding the time to be still.

Are we feeding this cycle of noise, busy schedules and the ritual of constant entertainment?

When children are little, it is the lesson of sitting still in church, at the Dr.’s office, or perhaps, even at home for reading time.  When we have moved beyond the battle of wiggles and giggles during the important times of quiet, we find ourselves in the throws of training of character.

Attentiveness seems to be the theme that we bring to the table when we are working through the nitty gritty of being still and what that may look like.

I will look at people when they speak to me.

I will ask questions when I do not understand.

I will sit or stand up straight.

I will not draw attention to myself.

I will keep my eyes, ears, hands, feet, and mouth from distractions.

The motions have been set into action.  Attentiveness, Church, meetings, weddings and school.

But, what happens at home?  When schedules begin to conflict, and someone needs to be to at an appointment, ballet, soccer, meetings and clubs?  Where has the family devotion time disappeared to, or is it a quick hit and run?

Our daughter was sent to her room for the entire day.  She later told us that when she knew this was a consequence, she was rather thrilled to have a whole day of “quiet,” with reading and organizing her room. Living in a family of 12 does not afford full days of personal relaxation to any one very often.  We had one rule –she could not spend her time reading her favorite and personal reading materials/books.  She was to dig into the Word and spend her day in her room with minimal to do.

She later shared with us that her first few hours were rather sweet. Relaxing, quiet and non-demanding.

After this time, the minutes slowly trickled by, and she began reading through Proverbs. And on into more Scripture.  She said that it was the first time in a long time that she had taken time to really and truly hear God.  She had the time.  She was ready to listen, and nothing else was pulling her from being in the Word.  There wasn’t extra noise and distraction to keep her from hearing what God was saying to her from His Word and into her heart – for correction, inspiration and excitement.

One full day locked away from external forces , allowed her to see more of what God would want her to do, and say, and to live more fully for Him.

This – where words that her parents could have told her a million times, but, she needed to really hear them from God. 

And she was able to hear Him.

What will it take for this generation to hear God?

Thoughts always turn to media, internet, and entertainment elimination, but there is also this to consider…  What are we replacing these with our time?

It takes time to be quiet and hear God.  Time of quiet, time with Him, and time not being chauffeured here and there.

Half of our battle in feeling the need to be busy all of the time, could be altered by our taking initiative in the generation we are raising.

How can our children hear God if we are part of the problem?


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  1. I am so thankful that God draws people to Himself, and He has always been bigger than any noise that is out there. Satan works hard to distract, but God is bigger than all of it! He will be heard!

    1. Amen Gina! I am learning to listen more closely too. So thankful our God is so big! Praying for this generation – as He draws them to Him with His calling. Thank you for your sweet words.

    1. Thank you friend! Praying for you also as you work to teach your children to listen to God.

  2. So interesting, I just updated an old post today on feeding our children’s appetites. This is so good. Glad to know I’m not the only mom who grounds her daughter from pleasure reading materials. Seriously, some days I thought I was a monster. lol

    My struggle is attitudes when I tell the children it’s time for Bible reading, devotions, or quiet Bible time. It’s sour, and it makes me sad. I try to explain that if we love God, we will want to learn more about Him, and furthermore, we need to know how to find Him. It’s a battle between the flesh and the spirit and I think it’s because we don’t feed the spirit enough.

    God should be included in everything in our lives, not just quiet times. This world has so much noise, so many distractions. It’s not easy feat.

    1. I agree Christin. My daughter felt that her spirit was fed that day while her flesh was weak. Keep pressing on in your motherhood journey. Much love. Thank you for commenting and sharing. I am always blessed by you.

  3. “Pleasure reading” might be the best way for someone to meet God. Aslan, Eru Iluvatar, even the Doctor (from the BBC show Doctor Who) all helped me along in my walk with God. Often the Bible is tainted by parents’ yelling at us to come and sit down and read the Bible. So you read your one or two or three chapters with a fixed smile, you pray the right prayers, and you convince them you’ve done the job. There’s no love.
    But when Aslan says that he’s in our world too, when Eru creates the world with a song, when the Doctor saves all of humanity again, you start thinking… where have I seen that before? And then you come back to the Bible, and it’s not about parents or church or religion, but it’s a story again, only this time, the most pefer story, and it’s for real.

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