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Preparing Now for What Will Matter in Eternity

Preparing Now For What Will Matter In Eternity

If talent, time, and treasure were of no object, what would you want to do most with a free afternoon? With a weekend? With a lifetime?

Which is to say: Given the opportunity, what would you desire to do more than anything?

While these are good questions to stimulate thinking about one’s calling, one’s unique giftings and and one’s passions, they can also inversely reveal what we deem with our actions as unexciting, less than noteworthy, and not worth prioritizing. You see, what we choose to do when we don’t have to reflects most accurately what matters most to us.

What do we read when reading is not homework? Who do we spend time with when there are no expectations? Where do we find refreshment when rest is needed?

I’ve been thinking on these things in response to this from A.W. Tozer:

I can safely say, on the authority of all that is revealed in the Word of God, that any man or woman on this earth who is bored and turned off by worship is not ready for heaven.

Though I may not find myself “bored” with worship (I don’t think Tozer was speaking of the modern definition of worship found through bass guitar and solid drumming), I am keenly aware of how often worshiping Christ, studying his Word, and communing with him in the quiet of the day, are sometimes not nearly as thrilling to me as checking my email, spending time with a girlfriend, or chilling out with a bowl of ice cream and a movie. Do you find that to be true in your life? Clearly, all of these are wonderful and enjoyable ways to spend our time, but I’m reflecting on how regularly my daily activities do not necessarily reflect what I will be busy about doing for all eternity. What makes us think we will love the ceaseless worship and adoration of Christ in heaven if we don’t find our satisfaction in Him today, here on earth?

As a parent whose greatest desire is to see my children love and follow Christ with their lives, my practicing on earth what I will be about in eternity serves as a beautiful example of storing up treasure in heaven. What that looks like may be slightly different for each of us.

However, just as our children know that they are priorities in our lives when we step away from the computer and put down the cell phone, and spend time with them, nothing speaks of our greatest priorities and affections like choosing a posture of worship and praise in the big and small moments of daily life…right now…in preparation for what every moment will be about one day, not so far away.

Because of grace,



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  1. Hi Grace,

    “What makes us think we will love the ceaseless worship and adoration of Christ in heaven if we don’t find our satisfaction in Him today, here on earth?” this is beautiful Grace and so true.

    Worship is not only about reading our Bibles and praying as you have pointed out. Those are very important, but how our lives reflect Christ life is the only way to truly serve Him.

    As children of God we are call to pray without ceasing. God our father is telling us to talk to him daily, every hour of the day, every minute of every hour with ceasing. God in His wisdom knew that we would need a constant companion and He is never too busy to ‘answer’ our calls.

    Peace to you.

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