Your Best Year Yet With Your Spouse

You may know that the first three months of a new year are often the most popular months for new gym memberships. It’s that time of the year when people think most about getting their bodies in shape. You may be doing exactly this too. But, what about your marriage?

When was the last time you took a look at the health of your relationship with your spouse?

Satan doesn’t want your marriage to make it. This is why he works hard to convince you that prayer with your spouse, date nights, and continued communication with and focus on each other isn’t important. However, you know otherwise.

Taking steps every day to say “I love you” in big and small ways can have a profound impact on your marriage. Witnessing this intentionality can give your child confidence that your marriage will last for the long haul. Your child wants you and your spouse to remain committed to each other. They long to see that your marriage is thriving. Our kids want our marriages to succeed just as much as we do. 

We all make New Year's resolutions when it comes to fitness, work, spiritual growth, etc, but when was the last time we took a look at the health of our marriage? Here is how you can make this year the best year yet with your spouse!!

So, how are things between you and your spouse?

Here are a few tips to consider to help keep things running smoothly:

1. Schedule a Talk Night
Even the best of marriages need a tune-up from time to time. And, it’s okay to admit it. If you are sensing that you and your spouse aren’t in-sync, why not schedule a talk night? Get a date on the calendar, hire a babysitter if needed, grab dinner and talk. Work to not allow the conversation to focus primarily on your children. Talk about work, one another, politics, music or whatever interests the two of you share. Re-connecting often begins with getting out of the routine of home life and just being together.

2. Get on the Same Page with Discipline
It’s important for the two of you to present yourself as a team with discipline. If you aren’t unified, a child may work to manipulate the situation the next time there is a heated situation. Work to keep the focus on your child when there is a disagreement. If the two of you don’t agree with the punishment, wait until you are in private to discuss the matter.

3. Plan a Vacation
With the holidays now over, the winter months can be long. Take the time to look at the family calendar and get a vacation scheduled. Dreaming about your next trip can be fun and can be motivation as you look towards the end of snowy days and the feeling of sand between your toes!

4. Start Writing
Leaving a note on your husband’s or wife’s pillow only takes a few moments, but the impact can be everlasting. In this send-a-quick-text culture in which we are living, taking the time to write a love note to the love of your life will mean so much! Get writing!

Your marriage won’t get stronger on its own. You’ve got to “go the gym” so to speak each week and exercise your relationship with your spouse. I encourage you to spend some time thinking about ways you can keep working on your marriage to make 2020 your best year yet with your spouse.

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Jeffrey Dean


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