Winning the War on Worry

Are you a worrier? Often we can be caught up in the struggle of worrying because we care SO much! But did you know God has offered a relief for our concerns? Come lay your burdens down and hear what Jesus has to say about this very issue.

If you’re anything like me – when it comes to worry, real worry, the kind that keeps you up late at night, the kind that makes you irritable all day, the kind that disrupts your sleep, rest, joy, your ability to focus, to be kind and to love, you might say, “I WORRY, BECAUSE I CARE SO MUCH”.

I know I’ve been guilty of saying that before… “I worry – because I care SO MUCH!!!”
One day, as I thought about this statement, I distinctly sensed God saying something that stopped me in my tracks and it was this statement:

When I say, “I worry because I care so much…”
God is saying, “NO – you worry because you trust so little.”

One of the first things we need to do as we take steps towards winning the war on worry is be honest. My worry is ultimately fueled, not by my great concern, but it is fueled by my own stubbornness and unwillingness to trust.

Maybe you find yourself paralyzed by fear, anxiety, or worry. There is probably nothing more common in life than worry.Richard Swenson, writes this:
“Despite all of our progress, privilege, and possessions in the 21st century, we are worried all of the time. It seems that these advantages have only served to
increase anxiety in every direction. Because we have more to lose, it makes us fret. We try to insulate ourselves against insecurities through working harder, buying more, accumulating, saving, hoarding, installing security systems – much of this is driven by worry, anxiety, and a relentless discontent. Worry is the dysfunctional part of concern. It will not solve any of our problems or insecurities. It will not improve tomorrow, it only poisons today. And yet, many of us have no intention of giving up our worry.” (Richard Swenson, Contentment: The Secret to a Lasting Calm)

Worry does not come with a set of brakes, just a very sensitive gas pedal that gets stuck all of the time. In Matthew, chapter 6, Jesus asks this question:

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?”

Jesus is getting at a really important issue here. At the heart of worry is the attempt by you and me to control the uncontrollable. Central to the problem of worry is the illusion that you are really in control when you are not. Worriers always have control issues. Would you not agree? Instead of trusting in God’s control, we try to control something that is uncontrollable and when we can’t control it, we worry about it.

Jesus’ great alternative  to Worry in Matthew 6 is to trust.
To not be plagued by worry, but to be freed through trust.

In Matthew 6, Jesus can say – “Do Not Worry” BECAUSE:
You have a Heavenly Father.
You have a Good Father.
You have a Father who knows everything, He cares MORE than you care, and He’s ALL Powerful!

Celebrate this fact. Get ahead of your worry daily through prayer (see Philippians 4:6-7) and rest in God’s care, power, and wisdom.

Praying with you!
Ryan Snow

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