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7 Frugal and Intimate Date Night Ideas for Fall

We are always searching for new ways to connect with one another. We have made it a habit to always make sure we find new ways to keep the romance alive, even if it means going outside of our comfort zones. When we were in our 5th year of marriage or so we realized quickly that we were limiting our date night ideas based upon our interests and not willing to go outside of them. We came together and prayed, asking God for the wisdom to help us figure out new ideas and ways for intimacy during date nights that wouldn’t break the bank. And as usual, God delivered!

Today we are going to share our top 7 frugal and intimate date night ideas for fall.

7 Frugal and Intimate Date Night Ideas for Fall

  1. Make s’mores together. While this might seem like a super simple idea, for us it has really been a blessing to our marriage over the years. Aside from the fact that we both love having a s’more every now and then, it is an easy way to have fun together (and it’s cheap)! We have made this yummy dessert on barbecue grills, over an open fire, on our gas stove, and even with a match! We always laugh together and have a moment to just focus on one another – and this has proven to be a great benefit to our 15 years of marriage.
  2. Head to the local High School football game. Even though we are not both football fans (Carlie isn’t much into the sport), we will still occasionally head to a local football game just to spend time together in the open air and to cheer on local athletes. Carlie’s willingness to step outside of what she personally enjoys has opened up another fun avenue for us to use. And snuggling close to stay warm does help pump up the intimacy! Oh, and did we mention that it is usually a very cheap date too?
  3. Long walks day or night (or both). While we like to take long walks no matter the season, we find the fall walks a little more romantic. Holding hands and talking about whatever we want to while breathing in the crisp clean air is a very intimate experience. And it’s free!
  4. Head to the drive-in or local movie theater. We just happened to move to a city a couple years ago where there is a drive-in movie theater! Prior to that we’d head to the local matinee but now with the drive-in within our reach (and budget) we just hit that up instead. We both really love being able to sit down together and enjoy two movies and each other. This is always a win in our book!
  5. Sit outside and watch the stars together. This has become an all-time favorite of ours. We love to just sit back on our cozy chairs and watch the stars as we chat about life. We have spent countless hours under the stars together and many of these intimate conversations have changed the very landscape of our marriage in a positive way! And hey, it’s free!
  6. Camp out. We have done this a handful of times in our marriage. We have camped out in our backyard together and spent the night keeping one another warm. This can be rather time consuming because we have a large family tent, but it was worth every minute of our time together!
  7. Head to the local corn maze. We really enjoy going and exploring different corn mazes. Because we move so often for job-related reasons, we always love finding new mazes to try out. These evenings are always full of laughter, good exercise, and some fun pumpkin picking at the end. We love it!

We want to note that a date night doesn’t have to fit any mold or any certain description, date night is a time where you and your spouse are able to connect and spend intimate time together. So don’t worry that your date isn’t extravagant, just enjoy each other. The gift isn’t in how much money we spend, the gift is found in our time together – as long as you remember this you will have no problem coming up with fun times to share together. Enjoy making memories this fall!

What are your favorite fall dates?

Michael & Carlie Kercheval
Fulfilling Your Vows & Moms for Literacy

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  1. Some of the things in this list are very American I’m guessing because nobody in Australia knows what a s’mores is. Also movie tickets are $40 before you even get snacks so not so frugal but definitely cheaper than a over night stay in accommodation.

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