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Patrick and Ruth Schwenk

Our journey began in a rather unusual way. We met on a prank phone call. Yes, you read that right! While attending the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, I (Patrick) called Ruth pretending to be a local radio station announcing an opportunity to win cash. She didn’t fall for the prank, but in time, she would fall for me!

Seventeen years later, we’re still going. We’ve added a few kids along the way (four to be exact), a minivan, a mortgage, dogs, and a hamster. Besides being married and raising kids, we are bloggers, authors, and most recently, church planters. We love football, especially Michigan football. Go Blue! Reading, the outdoors, coffee, and silence are some of our favorites things to enjoy together.

Marriage is rarely what we expect, is it?

I still remember seeing Ruth on our wedding day cradling a large pot that you make loads of chili in. The problem was she wasn’t cooking she was planning on marrying me. After staying up late and getting up really early her nerves had gotten the best of her. She was sick! And that was just one of the first signs that marriage was going to be far different than we expected.

What about marriage with kids?

Patrick and Ruth Schwenk Family

Who knew parenting, discipline, friends, and keeping your faith vibrant would be such a challenge! All of it can be messy, but God has a mission. God’s intent for a marriage and family is good. God loves the family. He loves your family.

We know it’s not always easy to honor God in marriage, parenting, the workplace, and in the home. It’s easy to get discouraged, feel defeated, and be tempted to throw in the towel. Especially when you feel like you are on the journey alone.

We all need a community – a tribe, friends, people who are with us and for us in the trenches!

This is why we first launched For the Family just over two years ago. Over those two years, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people join us on the journey of marriage and family. What a joy it has been to learn from and with one another along the way.

And to think we are just getting started! Today, we are excited to re-launch For the Family. We still have the same great content, contributors, and mission. We just have a new look.

We hope that no matter where you are at, and what you are going through, you don’t feel alone. Our prayer is that this is a community that continues to encourage you, equip you, support you, and ultimately point you closer to Christ.

So stick around. Make yourself at home. We’re glad you have joined us! Let’s keep pressing on in this messy, unpredictable, but good journey of marriage and family. And let’s do it together!


Patrick and Ruth Schwenk

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  1. Loved reading about the family and your meeting. Isn’t the Lord good!!!! You would have always wondered how the other person was doing if this marriage had not happened.
    We heard you were leaving Bryan, hoping the Lord gives all of you untold blessings.
    Hugs and prayers, elaine

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