A Warm Cup of Cocoa

A Warm Cup of Cocoa..together!
There are many festive activities that people indulge in during the holiday season.  I want to draw your attention to a simple activity that would specifically cultivate intimacy in your marriage and it involves a warm cup of cocoa.

For only a few bucks at a local coffee shop or at home from a small packet of powder you can create a wonderful atmosphere for you and your husband to communicate. Conversations are a great way to connect in marriage.

Conversations are a necessity in marriage.  Of course we talk to our husbands throughout the day, but close and intimate conversations are a must! That is where we draw near, feel secure and experience love.

When my husband looks into my eyes from across the table, sharing with me what God has been teaching him, dreaming about the future, or discussing corrections we can make to better our marriage, I feel cherished.  Having these close encounters breaks the monotony of marriage.  Words that are intentional are healing and satisfying.

So if you are craving intimacy with your husband, delight over a cup of hot chocolate while being intentional about sharing an intimate conversation regarding your marriage.  Sometimes we can over-think what we need to do to spice things up in our marriage and we over-look the simple, most affordable ways to connect and grow.  Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy time this holiday season with your husband.  Your marriage matters!

– Jennifer Smith  Unveiledwife.com

Photocredit: Lightstock

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