Mundane or Magical?



1. Lacking interest or excitement; dull.

2. Of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.

Does this description fit? Of your life I mean?

At times do you sense the world parading by living their exciting, fulfilling or important lives? While you? You are tossing another load of laundry in the washer, clipping another coupon to try to make the ever-further ends come a little closer to meeting, heading off to the same old work, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash  or wiping something: a counter, a runny nose or a baby’s bottom.


In my parents’ day, “keeping up with the Joneses” was a temptation only when chatting over the fence with a neighbor (who had a better house) or bumping into a fellow PTA member (who drove a nicer car).

Now? Now the Joneses parade by us hourly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and websites; on reality TV or HGTV; at church and at the mall.

They post joyful statuses, while we process yet another trial.

They announce exciting news, while we keep at the same grind as yesterday—- the unexciting familiar.

They are connecting with important people and trekking off on exciting outings, while we peer in through a distant, dim screen.

They post a picture of their son, now “Middle School Student of the Month” while you take a call from your local middle school’s vice principal’s office where your son sits busted for an inappropriate prank that he and his friends found completely hilarious but was one in which the substitute teacher found no humor. {Not that that has ever happened to anyone I know.}

But does this have to be?

No it does not.

We could unplug and hide. We could try to capture an exciting life too. Maybe get on a reality show. Make more money to be able to afford a luxury or two. We could change something, right?

Yes, we could. The most important change could really happen.

A change in our perspective.

This is a truth God has been driving home to me for years. I first learned about it nearly 20 years ago as a young mom by reading a quote from him. It declared, “Wherever you are….be all there.”

However, I am still a struggling student of this seemingly ironic truth: if you develop thankfulness, look for God in the moment and wherever you purpose to really “be all there,” you’ll unearth a treasured jewel; a startling discovery.

The life you’ve always wanted… is the one you already live.

Will you try it? Wherever you are, be all there.

And be thankful.

It transforms the mundane into the magical:

  • Fixing burgers on the grill for hungry teen boys and getting thankful hugs as payment.
  • A handwritten card from my far away 22-year-old mirror of me. A $5 bill fell out ( “treat yourself to a latte, mom”) and tears fell from my eyes.
  • A husband who grilled, mowed the lawn and quietly cleaned up the kitchen. His wordless ways shout love.
  • An afternoon outing with my 80-year-old mother. Resale shops. Coffee. Intentional questions about her youth and her heritage. Homemade blackberry crisp. Her favorite. Worth staying up late to bake.

What king or queen can buy these pleasures?

Mundane or magical?

The choice is ours! What say you?



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  1. Absolutely needed this today, sometimes I let everything around me get the best of me and forget to just enjoy my life the way it is.

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