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Heartwarming Ways to Brighten Someone’s Season this Fall

The autumn months aren’t just a time for crisp air, vibrantly colored leaves, and all things
apple and pumpkin, this season is perfect for reaching out to someone to encourage them
and let them know you care. Grab the kids and brainstorm who might benefit from a
creative gift from your family. It may be someone new who needs welcoming, a family
going through a struggle, or someone who is lonely and needs to know that God cares
about them, and so do you.

Try any of these simple ideas to put a smile on someone’s face this fall!

Fall is more than just cooler air and pumpkin-spiced lattes. It is a chance to spend quality time with your family and serve others in the process. Join my dear friend, Karen Ehman and discover creative gift inspirations, heartfelt gestures, and charming DIY projects that will make this season unforgettable!

Make a Caramel Apple Basket
. What could be sweeter than a caramel apple basket in the fall?
For this simple gift idea, purchase a basket at a local resale shop. Line it with a plaid
kitchen towel in a fun fall color. In the basket, place everything needed to make caramel
apples, some wooden sticks, some tart-eating apples such as Gala, Fuji, or Macintosh, some
wrapped caramels, and some fun additions such as fall-colored sprinkles or chopped
peanuts. To finish it off, attach a handwritten tag with Psalm 17:8. It reads, “Keep me
as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.”

Kidnap a friend and her kids for a fall outing. Do you have a friend who is a maxed out
mom? Perhaps one who has been putting in lots of overtime or caring for an ill family
member? Kidnap her and her children one fall afternoon and take them to a local apple
orchard. There you can pick apples or enjoy some cider and donuts. Just taking a walk out
in nature will give them a much-needed break. (Or, if you think a kid-free outing is needed,
arrange with someone in their family to make sure they are free and that their children are
cared for.) As an added bonus, take along something for their supper that night so they
don’t have to cook, such as a pan of lasagna, a bag of salad, and some garlic bread. This
way, they will get both the afternoon and the evening off!

Make a botanical candle. You can make a beautiful pillar candle like you see in a fancy Etsy
shop. It’s really very simple and makes a fun gift for a friend or family member. Purchase a
smooth, pillar candle. Any size will work. Also gather some dried pressed flowers, herbs, or
leaves. You can even use some very thinly sliced citrus fruit. Make sure you have on hand
some white school glue and some paraffin wax to dip the candle in to finish it. To
assemble, mix together one part of water with four parts of glue and use a small paintbrush to
paint a thin layer of glue on your candle where you want your botanical items to be placed.
Carefully press the items on. Then, using an old coffee can set in a kettle of water, melt the
paraffin by heating the water over medium-low heat. Then, hold your candle by the wick
and dip it into the melted paraffin wax deep enough to cover your botanical
items. Make sure it is a very thin layer. Set the candle on wax paper to dry thoroughly.

Gift a family with a scarecrow kit. Get into the harvest time spirit by giving a family you
know a scarecrow kit. They can use it to make fun memories together. Be sure to hit up
secondhand stores and resale shops to purchase the needed materials. In a large gift box,
place all of the following: a plaid flannel shirt, a pair of jeans or overalls, some canvas
gardening gloves, a straw hat, a couple of old boots, a pillowcase with a scarecrow face painted on it, and some old rags. Or you can even give them an actual bale of hay to stuff
the scarecrow with. You may want to tuck in a gallon of cider and some cookies or muffins
for them to enjoy as they make their scarecrow. (Be sure to check out the caramel apple
buttermilk muffins in this issue of my newsletter.)

Give a teacup devotional.
 For a great gift for a special friend, mom, or sister, give a tea cup
devotional. Simply choose a devotional book (Check out any of these: Trusting God in All
the Things
,  Settle My Soul, or Pressing Pause). On top of the devotional, place a new or
antique teacup and saucer. In it, tuck some tea bags. Tie it shut with clear wrap or tulle
netting fabric and secure it with a bow. You may also stick a pen in the bow or add a tag with
a favorite Bible verse written on it. Such a simple idea to bless someone while also
encouraging their walk with Jesus. They can spend some time out in the warm autumn
sunshine connecting with God.

With a little creativity and a few moments of your time, you can encourage someone and bring
a smile on your face as well.


Karen Ehman

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