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Front Door Deliveries Your Kids Will Love

green kid crafts

I’m a homeschooling mom with a penchant for words and alliteration and reading and journaling and writing.

Art and music, history and poetry, literature and drama… these topics, too, add depth and interest and amazement to our day.

Then there’s math.

And science.

And suddenly this former high school English teacher turned freelance-writing / word-wielding mom begins to feel quite small and inadequate and a little bit lame.

I know, I know. Math and science already suffer from low self-esteem — especially when it comes to girls — and here I am adding to the angst.  {Don’t judge – haha!}

Instead, rejoice with me, because I have just been introduced to an awesome company called Green Kid Crafts.  In their very articulate words, here’s what they offer in a nutshell:

“Green Kid Crafts delights over ten thousand kids across North America each month with fun, creative and eco-friendly craft and STEM activities (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), aligned to national standards, delivered right to their door through the company’s subscription program!”

Did you catch that? Science, technology, engineering and mathematics?  Fun & creative? Right to my doorstep?

It’s a dream come true.


We’ve already established my inadequacies regarding science and math, but I’m also a little challenged in the “fun and creative” department.  Now I AM fun and creative, mind you, but the whole idea of gathering little bits and pieces of materials to glue and grow and paint — especially when it involves science — is so time-consuming.

Green Kid Crafts takes care of all that, though.  They offer Discovery boxes, each containing 3 or 4 activities designed around a theme. The activities come in a cute box and are neatly packaged with an activity booklet containing instructions and extension ideas.

I mentioned that I homeschool, but even if I didn’t, I’d be interested in ordering these products for my girls (hint, hint to Grandma and Grandpa who may be reading this post!) because the activities were engaging for both my two-and-a-half-year-old and my twelve-and-a-half-year-old.

For those of you who do homeschool, you can think of these boxes as little themed introductory projects to kickstart a unit (for example, there is a Botany Box, an Ocean Box, a Nocturnal Animals box) or maybe as enrichment work to extend interest in a topic.

For this review, we enjoyed the Garden Box which came with lace-up stuffed play food to make (including the “needle,” fabric, and “thread), a little garden lantern to paint (including the watercolors and brush) and some bean and zucchini seeds to grow (including the dirt, seeds and “pots” in which to plant them).

My youngest proudly showing off the plants she grew:

Eden w: sprouts

Even though Green Kid Crafts are designed with the 3-10-year-old age-range in mind, both of my girls were engaged despite their 10-year age difference:

girls doing green kids craft

A one-year subscription is $16.95 per month, and you can find out more about Green Kid Crafts, their products and the subscription service by clicking HERE.  But you can also enter to WIN a 3-month subscription to Green Kid Crafts as well!!  It’s easy! There are lots of ways to enter, so just follow the instructions below:

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Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. See full disclosure here.

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  1. We do “learning time” all through the summer to keep everyone’s brains working. Having one of these kits would definitely help to make that fun and different. thx

  2. I have not heard of this before! Such a fun idea! Thank you for sharing and for the chance to try it out!

  3. Sounds like a great supplement and something to really get the kids interested and hands on!

  4. How fun! I wish I was a kid again! This will be great for my nieces and nephews.

  5. What a fun kit, I would love to use this with my daughter. Thank you for sharing this resource.

  6. This sounds so exciting and fun to do with the grandkiddos! What child wouldn’t enjoy receiving this in the mail!!!

  7. STEM activities are the best- full spectrum learning without the kids realizing it 🙂

  8. Would love to get some Creativity Kits & Science Kits for my son .. thanks for the chance.

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