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Finding Fault or Finding Fantastic

Everyone is a unique blend of fault and fantastic. Let's look for the fantastic.

I posted this to my Facebook wall recently:

“Answering Facebook messages while hearing a most wonderful sound drifting in from the family room—my husband doing a Bible study with our 16 year-old son. The man sometimes can’t remember what I said to him yesterday ….twice!!! However, he loves God and is so intentional to show our kids how to live for Him. I’ll take the forgetfulness. It is soooo cancelled out by his sincere faith.”

Ever focus on only the parts of a child, spouse, or other neccesary person in your life that bug the living daylights right out of you?

Sarah is so late all the time.

Michael simply cannot make up his mind.

Kylie is so shy, it embarrasses me.

When is Austin EVER gonna learn to keep his room picked up?

I am so guilty of looking at others’ faults with a ginormous magnifying glass, making them grow ever larger to the point where I choose to let them bother me.

And make me behave badly.

My faults, however? Oh, I’d need a high powered telescope to spot them. You know, since I think they are miniscule and so very, very hard to spot! (Yes, I know this is no where near true!)

There are days I need to put down the magnifying glass. Stop peering through the telescope. I need instead to look through the lens of God’s love. And to remember that I am not perfect—not even close.

“Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye but don’t notice the log in your own eye?” Matthew 7:3 (HCSB)

Ouch. And amen.

Today, instead of finding fault, let’s find fantastic instead.

Let’s stop searching for specks. Instead, let’s love.

Reach out to family member. Text them. Call them. Jot them a note. Tell them one fantastic quality they have. Something you may overlook at times because you are so stinkin’ focused on their faults.

Everyone is a unique blend of fault and fantastic.

Let’s look for the fantastic.

It just may make the faults harder to spot.


Karen Ehman, KarenEhman.com

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