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6 Wordless Ways to Encourage Your Husband

Many wives—me included—are chatterboxes. Since talking comes naturally for us, we may attempt to use our words to show our husbands love and encouragement. Or to tell them just how crazy we are about them still.

However, sadly, we also at times use our words to wound; a weapon to throw when we feel hurt or ignored or agitated. {Trust me, I know this!}

So, here is a little challenge for us. Let’s turn the tide. No words of anger or frustration. No, “You never!” and “Why can’t you?”

In fact, no words at all.

Here are six wordless ways to show your man some encouragement and tell him that you are head-over-flip-flops in love with him! (I’m not a big high heels wearer.)

These wordless ways just might leave him speechless! See what I did right there?

Do you want to show your husband you love and appreciate him, but aren't sure how? These ideas to show encouragement and care are sure to reach his heart and bring you closer.

  1. Do a good deed.

Has he been meaning to get down to the hardware store to buy a new ladder but just hasn’t found the time? Go do it for him. Leave it in the garage with a sticky note attached that says, “Thought I’d run an errand for you today. You go take a well-deserved nap.”

Is he in need of some new t-shirts? Go pick out two or three in his very best colors and leave them folded neatly on your bed. Place a note on top of them that tells him to go enjoy something he likes doing in his new shirts such as playing some basketball with his buddies or a round of golf with a friend.

Does your family vehicle need new license tags? You take care of doing it even though it might be normally something he takes care of.

Purchase a gift card or certificate to his favorite eatery or coffee shop that has a drive-through. Put it on his steering wheel with a note attached telling him to swing by the store after he gets off work and treat himself to something he wouldn’t normally splurge on.

  1. Do a dirty job.

Take out the trash. Wash and wax the car he drives. Sweep out the garage or rearrange the basement storage. Mow the lawn or weed the garden. Tackle a job he normally does (but does NOT particularly enjoy) just to lighten his load.

  1. Tell a tale.

Send him a text, e-mail, social media private message, or even a handwritten letter recalling a time he made you feel loved, secure, or accepted. Be specific. Describe what he did and how it made you feel and then end your tale by telling him why he reminds you of Jesus. Is he patient? Accepting? Encouraging? Consistent? Loyal? Brave? A hard worker? A quiet tower of strength for your family? Tell him.

  1. Give him lovin’ from the oven.

Make dinner one night with some of his favorite foods. What main dish does he love? Make it, even if it is complicated. Is there a particular salad or side dish he craves? Whip it up even if no one else cares for it. Don’t forget his best-loved dessert. If you want to go the extra mile, contact his mother, if she is still living, to get a recipe that he loved as a child.

  1. Grant him a day off.

Make arrangements for you and the kids to be gone for an entire Saturday from breakfast time until bedtime. Work as a team, with any kids who are old enough to help, to have the house, garage, and yard picked up so your hubby won’t feel tempted to work around the house. Then, let him know that he has been granted a Saturday off from family life. Instead, he may use the day to do whatever he wants—hang at home reading and taking a nap, have some buddies over to grill out and play cards, or anything else of his choosing that he never gets time to do.

  1. Initiate a little “horizontal fellowship.”

Ok. This one might end up being his favorite. One day—when he least expects it and there are no kiddos around—grab him from behind and guide him to the bedroom for a little ‘horizontal fellowship’. Don’t speak a word. Just make it a moment he will remember. This is one wordless way that is sure to put a smile on his face!

Karen Ehman

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