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Even Now, God is on the Throne

The chaos and fear that this global pandemic has brought us threaten to shake our faith, but now more than ever it's important to remind ourselves who is in control. Nothing surprises our God. He remains the same. God is on the Throne!

I watched a video online so shocking I felt a brief moment of panic this morning. Chaos, confusion, fear. Where are you, Lord? was the very first cry of my heart. So many of us are feeling this way right now. I can’t be the only one scrolling through social media, watching the world live out something I’ve only seen on a movie screen. The unease feels alive, like an electric current humming beneath the surface of my daily routine. It is amazing how quickly I have begun to rely on the outside world for reassurance. I have gone from Christ-centered to fact-focused in a matter of days. My body is already fine-tuning itself to bad news.

And suddenly it hits me. This is how fear creeps in. This is when faith is shaken.

Friends, can we agree that nothing surprises God? That as long as there has been uncertainty and disease, God still remains the same today as He was yesterday? We were born with a terminal diagnosis, but we have been given everlasting life through faith in Jesus! What a testimony and a triumph! Be encouraged, that although circumstances beyond our control have forced us to reprioritize our daily interactions, God remains the way, the truth, and the life.

When shelves are stripped bare and the future uncertain, God is on the throne.

When there is no cure, no manufactured hope for purchase, God is on the throne.

When certainty is taken, when our routine is shaken, God is on the throne.

When anxiety runs deep, when there are too few answers, our God is on the throne.

When expectations are shattered, when we have to reevaluate what matters, God is on the throne.

When the wedding is canceled, vacations on hold, when the honeymoon is over before it even began, God is on the throne.

When nothing is going according to plan and you can’t figure out what comes next, God is on the throne.

When the next paycheck is uncertain, if the business is suffering, Almighty God is on the throne.

If you are experiencing caregiver fatigue, already exhausted and struggling, God sees you and He is on the throne.

When the symptoms begin and the fear sets in, merciful God is on the throne.

Even if the sun forgets to rise tomorrow if the Earth shakes and mountains crumble. If the lost and weary cry out for mercy, God is on the throne.

Remember that headlines do not carry the same weight in Heaven as they do on Earth. Because God is on the throne, this is the moment to live out our faith without fear. Ours is a living, breathing faith which means when we trust that God is in absolute control, we are free to be the hands and feet of Christ! This is when the Church shines bright in the dark and this is the moment we live out what it means to love our neighbor.

Don’t be tempted to lock up your heart behind closed doors. Reach out to a struggling friend. If you can, offer to help a single mom desperate to find childcare for her kids. Donate to a food pantry or find those most fragile in your community and become their advocate. Share what you have with those who need it. And most importantly, don’t hoard the greatest gift we have ever received. Now, more than ever, people need to hear about the love, joy, and peace of Jesus.

Be well, friends, and may God bless you always.


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