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50 Ideas for Summer Fun with Your Kids

Are you ready for summer fun? As the school year draws to a close, many of us are making plans for the hot days ahead. What's on your list? These ideas will set you up for fun indoors and out!

It’s almost the summer.

So at my house, we have gone through our annual family board room meeting. The kids have shared their wish list for what they want to do with their summer and parents have too.

We always have many favorites from the past “make the list” but with growing children and changing interests we always add a few.

I figured I’m not the only one at this time of year proactively gathering my plans together for the summer so that we don’t face too many reactive days.

I typically put our “big rocks” or major plans on the family calendar so that the kids can see what they have to look forward to. Then I save a battery of ideas for my personal arsenal of “surprise rides” or activities that will give me “cool Mommy” points for being the fun, exciting, and adventurous mom.

These ideas are just starters. I hope they spark some creative thoughts as you prepare to have a great summer with your children!

Out of the House!

  1. Swimming – it’s summer. You should swim
  2. Library/Story Time – Lots and lot of reading is good for the brain.
  3. Visit the Mall – Window shopping and people watching make for good times.
  4. Crafting Classes/Craft Store – Start a new hobby.
  5. Barnes & Noble/local bookstore – Coffee for you. Hot Chocolate for the kids. Books for all.
  6. IKEA – cheap food, free 60 minute childcare!
  7. Park – If you haven’t been in a swing in awhile, you should swing right next to your child.
  8. Picnic – Find a beautiful park and bring lunch with you.
  9. Play dates – Invite your friends and your kids friends. Great opportunity to show hospitality.
  10. Fishing – Find a “catch and throw back” spot.
  11. Local Recreation Center – Shoot a few hoops together.
  12. Ice Skating – Get out of the summer heat and show your kids you are not afraid to fall.
  13. Roller Skating – Get back to the fun of the 70s and 80s. Skating is still fun.
  14. Bowling – Find an alley that has lanes for kids so they can avoid gutter balls.
  15. Farmer’s Market – Summer is the best time to get fresh fruit and veggies.
  16. Gymnastics Center – Many places will offer child care for half days, full days, or even a full week. Take advantage of them. Your kids will love you.
  17. Movies – local theaters frequently offer free or super cheap morning movies.
  18. Toy Store – just go and LOOK!
  19. Science Museum
  20. Art Museum
  21. Aquarium
  22. Zoo
  23. Explore downtown – When is the last time you have discovered the heart of your city. Do it together.
  24. Ride the city bus or train – Don’t be afraid. Public transportation is a great adventure if it is not a part of your norm.
  25. Symphony/Theater – Discover the arts.


Around the House

  1. Photography – take pictures of one another, make videos with smart phones, challenge each other for creative shots around the neighborhood or your city.
  2. Arts & Crafts – have your older kids to crafts with your younger children
  3. Board Games – some are for the family and some should just be for kids only
  4. Make Popsicles – messy but a good memory
  5. Cook/Bake – you’ve gotta eat right?
  6. Piano/Guitar Etc – practice or learn a musical instrument
  7. Sewing
  8. Garage Sale – this will fund some of the “out” activities
  9. Hop Scotch – old school but great
  10. Camp Out in Backyard – gotta tent? Don’t wait for a special occasion to use it.
  11. Watch Movies – Netflix or Amazon Prime will work.
  12. Ride Bikes – make sure you ride with your kids!
  13. Manicure & Pedicures – fun at home beauty time for mothers and daughters
  14. Yard Work! – of course!
  15. Lemonade Stand
  16. Summer Educational Activities – pick up one of those summer workbooks that give your kids great practice for last year’s learning and preparation for next year’s education.
  17. Computer Education – Khan Academy for the older kids, Starfall for younger kids, Lynda.com for YOU (anything you could ever want to learn online for $25 a month)
  18. Video Games – last resort
  19. Cooking – Work your way through a cookbook with the kids.
  20. Chores – The summer can be an awesome low-stress time to build routine and habits that will bless you throughout the school year.

And don’t forget some “Quiet Time Activities” because Mom needs a summer break too!

  1. Drawing – give ‘em pencils, colored pencils, or crayons and a timer.
  2. Clean Rooms – 15 minutes every day
  3. Read – this one goes without saying.
  4. Puzzles – again… set a timer
  5. Sleep – everybody can use a nap ever now and then.

Have a great summer!

Chrystal Hurst, ChrystalEvansHurst.com


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