5 Questions To Ask Your Spouse Every Day

Communication is one of the most vital aspects of a marriage relationship. Strong communication builds a foundation of trust and understanding between a husband and wife.

And the only way to experience strong communication is by practicing it!Ready to connect on a deeper level with your spouse? These questions are a great way to ask to hear their heart everyday!

Don’t be afraid to approach your spouse and initiate a conversation with them. It is in those intimate moments of sharing your hearts with one another that the bond between you is strengthened.

Integrity, transparency and honesty are all things that contribute to strong communication. Be willing to go to the hard places, the heart places and talk through them.

I want to share with you 5 questions that you should ask your spouse every day.  Asking these questions will intentionally help you two go deeper than a surface level “How are you?” to which the other replies, “fine.”

Be willing to initiate in a great conversation with your spouse – one that will allow both of you the opportunity to get to know each other even more. Be bold!

  1. Did God reveal anything to you today?
  2. What was the best thing that happened to you today?
  3. Is there anything I can do to love you better?
  4. Is there anything burdening your heart?
  5. How can we pray for our marriage today?

Remember that asking a question can lead to good conversation, but it is also important that you take time to truly listen to your spouse. Also, be willing to answer these questions yourself and share your heart too!

I hope this inspires you and challenges you to initiate conversations in your marriage more often and to make communication a priority in your marriage!

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  1. Too little, too late…going thru a terrible divorce. I know in my heart I would never wish a divorce on anyone. It is unimaginable pain, especially for children.
    So whoever reads this, I pray you begin to practice and incorporate these five questions with your spouse daily. I think it would have opened up our hearts to healing instead of hurt.
    My prayers go out to those suffering thru a divorce…

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