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5 Fun & Frugal Summer Dates for You & Your Spouse


Are you searching for new ways to have a fun and frugal date night with your spouse? Here are some great ideas for summer dates. Let these ideas inspire those of you with little money in the budget (but lots of love in your heart) to get out and go on a date with your spouse!

If you are anything like us, you are always searching for ways to have a fun and frugal date night together. We have had seasons where all of our dates consisted of at home dates when the children were sleeping soundly in their beds. We’ve had seasons with no dates during year-long combat tours. And now, we are embracing a season of enjoying regular date nights as our teenage daughter is able to watch her younger brothers for us every now and then. Regardless of where we are, we purpose to enjoy the fact that we are together.

We wanted to share some fun and frugal dates that we’ve planned for this summer. Our hope is that we will inspire those of you with little money in the budget (but lots of love in your heart) to get out and go on a date with your spouse!

1. Take a nice long walk. This never gets old. Not only are there health benefits to walking, but we love being in one another’s company and enjoy the time alone to talk. It seems like many of our most productive time together is during long walks. We have made business plans, dreamed big, and even written a book during our long walks. Seriously, this is a wonderful way to connect with your spouse, and it’s free!

2. Head to a local book store. We have done this time and time again and have it on the calendar for later this month. We typically choose a couple of good books that we’d like to check out and just chat the night away. When the budget allows, we’ll also grab a cup of tea or coffee and a muffin to split. It’s a great way to unwind from the business of life as well as connect with your spouse.

3. Make some dessert and eat leftovers after the children are asleep. We cannot count the times that we have done this. And it is fun and special every single time. Not only it is cheap, but it’s just as fulfilling as going out to eat. We enjoy being in the comfort of our own home, but more importantly in the company of one another. And dessert? Who doesn’t love dessert?

4. Hit up a matinee at a local theater or a free movie night in the park. For those of you who just love to watch movies on the big screen, you can do so for less than full price. We hit up local movie nights in the park as well as matinees to save on the budget and still have a great time!

5. Serve alongside one of your favorite ministries together. While many of us do this regularly, most of us do this with our children. We have found that sometimes, when special opportunities arise, it is fun to serve as husband and wife and gives us great joy to do together.

Remember to keep a positive attitude, and then, no matter what you do with your spouse, it will be fun! It isn’t about where you go or how you get there – rather it’s about who you are with.

Make the most of every opportunity to be with your spouse and enjoy finding ways to date each other frugally!

What’s your best frugal date idea? We’d love to hear about it!

Michael & Carlie Kercheval @ Fulfilling Your Vows

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  1. This is a great list! One thing that my hubby and I do at home that we look forward to is watching our prime time TV shows on DVR after the kids go to bed. I mean, there is only so much Pokemon and Adventure Time that we can take in a day right?:)

    1. LOL, yes! We totally hear you on that. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  2. When it’s hot, my husband and I like to pack a picnic dinner during a weeknight after work and head to the local lake for a swim and picnic. Very peaceful, relaxing, cooling and fulfilling.

  3. My husband and I struggled to find things that we both liked. We decided to purchase a Tandem bike and that has been the best thing for both of us! We talk, laugh and can even be seen with me reading a book (in the back seat ofcourse ;).

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