Marriage Needs Adventure!


My husband and I seek adventures daily. Adventures come in all different sizes! We set out to go on walks where we have never been before, we financially support causes together we believe will better the world, and sometimes we make plans to travel across the states to meet up with friends who are dear to us. No matter where we go, we look for ways to bless others while experiencing new things and making memories of it all.

Adventures keep our love alive!

The stimulation of our senses moves us to engage in intimate conversations regarding our experiences. Sometimes we talk about our future, sometimes we talk about what we like and don’t like in life, other times we discuss the new world around us or how we can participate in a wild way to care for others, like paying for a family’s breakfast whom we don’t even know. My husband and I are lovers of the surprises God has for us, the daily invitations to experience extraordinary as we submit to our Heavenly Father.

God is the one who provides the means to make these incredible memories, and we are thankful for each one. But it does require trust, faith, and courage to take the steps toward adventure. So I urge you today to look around you, acknowledge the adventures on which God is inviting you and your husband and go for it!

Your marriage needs it!

Marriage needs adventure because it breaks up the monotony of the day, it keeps your focus on God and others instead of dwelling on your complaints, it keeps you stimulated so conversations are never stale, and it provides memories that will last a lifetime of the extraordinary marriage God has gifted to you!

Talk to your spouse today about the next adventure you two will embark on and don’t hold back!

 – Jennifer Smith    Unveiledwife.com

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