4 Ways to Put More Snuggle in Your Marriage

I think I know something about you and your spouse.

When you were dating, you snuggled a lot.  You loved to hold hands, kiss, and be in each other’s arms.  You never grew tired of holding each other.

Does that sound about right?

But if you’re like me, after several years of marriage and a couple of kids, you don’t have much time for snuggling.  There are too many other important things to get done!

The dictionary says that snuggling means “to move into a warm, comfortable position.”  Ahh yes…holding your spouse close – even for a few seconds – can bring a wonderful sense of well-being to your marriage, perhaps especially during tumultuous times.

Does physical touch and affection matter to your marriage? The truth is, all of our marriages could stand for more connection and snuggling! Here are a few ways to up the cuddle factor in your relationship as well as how displaying your love can be wonderful for your family.

Here are four ways you can activate snuggle power in your marriage:

Hold hands.  Whenever you’re walking together, get into the habit of holding hands.  If you’re carrying things or kids, this may not be practical.  But whenever you can, grab his hand as you walk or when you’re sitting next to each other.

Steal a kiss.  I remember at church one day, my husband James pulled me into an empty classroom and kissed me.  It only took 30 seconds but made quite an impression!  Look for opportunities to steal a kiss: in the garage before your spouse leaves or in the kitchen when the kids are upstairs.  Be sneaky!

Massage your spouse’s neck, shoulders, hands or feet After a stressful day at work, massages are heavenly.  Take two minutes and rub your loved one’s neck and shoulders after dinner.  James also loves foot rubs at the end of the day although I think they tickle.

Sit close.  Snuggle up next to your spouse while watching TV or a movie.  Put your arm around your spouse.  When talking about the day, snuggle with each other.  Mundane details (who’s picking up the kids tomorrow?) are more interesting when accompanied with loving physical touch like snuggling up.

What if your children see all this snuggling?

Even better!

When your kids know that mom and dad love one another and show affection daily, it gives them an incredible sense of security.

Don’t rely on your emotions to dictate when you snuggle.  Make a daily choice to connect with your spouse by hugging, kissing and hand holding.  Your life will be made more comfortable as you snuggle more.


Arlene Pellicane

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  1. We’ve been holding hands and kissing and saying “I love you!” On the way out the door for more than 36 years

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