4 Tips To Spring Clean Your Marriage


Spring is here and for many comes with it the urge to clean out the house or garage in preparation for the rest of the year! The coldness of winter is heading out and the realization that spending time indoors incurs quite a bit of clutter.

Do you feel the need to take advantage of the freshness of spring to clean up and get rid of things you accumulated but are confident you don’t need?

As our minds are hyper-focused on the to-do-lists and tasks at hand, I want to challenge you to do something even more important this spring season:

Spring Clean Your Marriage!

Sometimes we can accumulate baggage that burdens our intimate marriage relationship. For some it may be all the emotions stuffed down into the crevices of your heart during weeks of arguments or misunderstanding, for others it may be sin that you allowed into your heart and relationship, for another it could even be unhealthy diet choices and lack of exercise that affect your attitude/mood, and yet for others it could be all these and more.

The point is that we need to be intentional about evaluating our life and marriage. We need to face all the things we have been storing up and clean it out so that our marriage can be free of burdens, frustrations, or anything that can negatively impact us from thriving and truly loving our spouse.

So are you willing to accept this challenge?

If so, I want to give you some practical tips on how to do this effectively.

  1. Ask yourself if there are any areas in your life or marriage stirring up strife. Get to the root cause of what it causing you emotional pain and frustration.
  2. Spend time praying over those areas and ask God to free you from them and transform you. Spend time listening and reading His Word as He guides you through the process of letting go of this baggage you don’t need!
  3. Communicate to your spouse how you feel and what you are being confronted with. Be transparent and unveiled so that you and your spouse can be on the same page. You can even talk about a plan of action to keep you accountable to the changes you desire to make.
  4. You have to understand and accept the truth that you make the decisions that lead you to freedom or burden. With every decision you make, you must stay focused on your goals, just like when you clean out the garage and then are intentional about keeping things in their organized place. You must be intentional to maintain a healthy marriage.

I hope this encourages you and inspires you to take action in your marriage this spring season! Embrace change and be willing to commit to what it takes to have a thriving and loving marriage. This will require intentionally but it is so worth it!

– Jennifer Smith   UnveiledWife.com

#3 is not always easy to do! In fact, it took me a few years to understand the significance of being truly transparent with my husband about the things I was wrestling with. I recently released a book titled The Unveiled Wife: Embracing intimacy with God and your husband where I chronologically detail my journey of learning what it means to be unveiled. This would be a great marriage resource to invest into if you find yourself unsure of how to openly and honestly communicate with your spouse!


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  1. How do i spring clean my marriage when my husband has been unfaithful… my heart is very heavy with this..

  2. I need prayer in the sharing department being transparent with my husband. my husband doesn’t really want to know what’s going on inside of me he doesn’t like to be made to feel guilty or reminded that he’s done things wrong it upsets him. so I found it easier to keep things to myself. I have the Lord and that’s what’s most important. I do enjoy reading your post things courage my heart even help some.

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