27 Ways to Show Your Husband Respect

Marriage is hard work. When our expectations go unmet, we tend to see the faults of our husband, instead of his strengths. However, consider this: The harder you work to show your husband respect, the closer you will become. Here are 27 ways you can show your husband respect.

When John swept into my life, I was a teenage mom, and I saw him as a godly man who worked hard and made good choices. I could tell he loved God and cared for people. I looked up to him with respect.

Then came marriage . . .

It wasn’t that I stopped respecting John, but I saw more of his flaws. I also had more expectations. As the years passed, I was quick to point out John’s faults instead of his strengths.

We’ve had tough spots in our marriage. . . and I’ve learned that the harder I work to show my husband respect, the closer we become.

I don’t show my husband respect to manipulate. Instead, I respect my husband because I love him. And I know that the more I care for him in ways he feels respected, the more love is returned.

27 Ways to Show Your Husband Respect

  1. Ask about his job. Listen to his joys and struggles at work. Thank him for working so hard for your family.
  2. Invite some of his co-workers over for lunch. Get to know some of the people with whom your husband spends his day.
  3. Attend company gatherings with him.
  4. Ask your spouse about his dreams. What would he like to do? Where would he like to travel?
  5. Offer to run an errand for your husband.
  6. Send him encouraging texts throughout the day
  7. Talk positively about him to others.
  8. Don’t interrupt him.
  9. Give him time to think. Don’t expect an instant answer.
  10. Talk over your family schedule with him.
  11. Work as a team to guide and discipline your kids. Keep a “team front” in front of your kids, and talk to your husband in private if you disagree.
  12. Pray for him.
  13. Give him time to wind down after work.
  14. Understand He approaches God and worships God in different ways than you do.
  15. Thank him for all the ways he serves God.
  16. Pray out loud for your husband.
  17. If you need his help with something, ask him clearly. Don’t beat around the bush, hint, or try to manipulate.
  18. Ask for ideas for your dinner menu. Make the kind of food he likes.
  19. When you go to the store, ask him if there is anything that you could pick up for him.
  20. Praise him for accomplishments.
  21. Attempt to keep your home in order, for his comfort.
  22. Dress modestly so you don’t draw the attention of other men.
  23. Hold his hand in public.
  24. Snuggle up to him when he’s watching a movie.
  25. Sit and watch him as he’s working on a project in the garage or shopping cart. Let him know you just enjoy being with him.
  26. Ask for his advice.
  27. Join him on an adventure of his choosing!

I’m excited about my marriage. I love what God is doing with us. I love giving my husband the respect he deserves. Every day I pray and ask God to show me more ways to show my husband respect. Maybe by this time next year I’ll have a list of another twenty-seven. I hope so!


Tricia Goyer

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  1. Great post! I especially struggle with #17 – “If you need his help with something, ask him clearly. Don’t beat around the bush, hint, or try to manipulate.”

    For some reason, I think he should be able to read my mind to figure out what I need… and that if he really loved me, I wouldn’t have to ask him to do stuff for me… he’d just do it. It’s so unfair to my poor husband! All I have to do is ask and he’d be HAPPY to help me. That is real love!

  2. Wonderful ideas! So many people think of marriage as a ‘zero-sum’ game, or that if more respect is given by one party, that leaves less for the other. I choose to look at it like Juliet did, “The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite!”

  3. Great list. I did most if not all of these. Number 7 amazes me. Not that you wrote it, that you needed to write it. I’m always blown away when I hear a wife pointing out her husband’s faults in public. Not the, “he’s a guy and he….” kind but the, “he’s so stupid, he…” kind. Really? She married him and she thinks he’s stupid? I don’t get that, never did.

  4. Great ways to connect and encourage husbands. It’s about thinking of him, of letting go of self, and creating a caring relationship!

  5. I have been married 20 years this yr!
    I am gong to try this for the next 27 days, but not in the same order. I am excited! Thanks for your encouraging words & ways to keep marriages together in this crazy world. Thank you

  6. Thank you for this. I was going through the list, and at first I was thinking ok, doing that, check… Then as I kept reading them, I realized their are a lot of areas on that list where I could use improvement. So, thank you for helping me see areas that I can work on to show my husband how much I really do love him.

  7. Marriage is a two way street right. I like A LOT of these, but many of them feel like the stuff expected of wives in the 50’s. It’s harder for women now with careers, and maybe for men as the economy has adjusted to for two income families.

    Do you have a list of ways husbands can show respect for wives?

  8. Thank you for posting!! After being married for a little over 31 years–it’s always a nice reminder! With two of our four children married now, I’m very much aware of “eyes” watching for example–although I realize they’ve been watching for quite some time. ?

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