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Lent and Easter Ideas for Christian Families

Lent and Easter Ideas for Christian Families


Each year Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

As busy parents, let’s claim these two, popular maxims:

1. It’s never too late to start.
2. Better late than never!

What is Lent?

Though many Christians don’t celebrate Lent, this period of time before Good Friday and Easter is an invitation to us to evaluate our lives and realign our hearts with the Word and will of God.

Lent isn’t a Biblical command; it’s a tradition that developed throughout the early years as part of the Christian church calendar.

Typically, Lent is practiced by Catholics, mainline Protestants, and other denominations that follow a liturgical calendar, but in recent years, many other denominations have returned to the practice of Lent.

Lent Ideas for Families

For those of you looking for a way to lead your kids to Jesus this Lenten and/or Easter season, these are my top 4 picks for you:

Bloomtown Faith Podcast

The Bloomtown Faith Podcast is perfect for families on the go. This audio devotional allows you to listen at home or in the car.

The Lent series includes 5 minute weekly episodes that help kids understand God’s big love and abundant blessings through Jesus. The podcast includes Biblical teaching, discussion questions, application ideas, and a weekly Bible verse.

Clean on the Inside

Clean on the Inside is a family devotional that helps your family walk through the events of Holy Week, the period of time between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday.

The goal of Clean on the Inside is to help your family experience Jesus in a new way and be transformed by Him — from the inside out!

Many years we’ve done this devotional during the two weeks leading up to Easter (I start early because I always end up  missing a few days of family devotions).

However, this year, we’re going to do one day of the devotion per week during Lent. This devotional is geared toward elementary kids but is easily adaptable for families with younger or older kids.

Simple Intentions

I created this journal page based on the three questions I ask myself for Lent and to help us really evaluate our hearts before the Lord.

What I love about this approach is that it keeps things simple and focused, and the journal page pushes me to take a closer look at activities and attitudes I need to deal with before the Lord.

You can gain access to the Simple Intentions journal page at the bottom of this post.

Jelly Telly Easter Shows

If you have younger kids, you will love Jelly Telly. Jelly Telly is a Christian streaming service that provides faith-based and character-building cartoons, movies, family devotions, Scripture music, and more.

We love using the What’s in the BibleJesus Storybook Bible, and Theo videos (and so many more!) to help our kids understand in a new way the Biblical narrative of Holy Week and the good news of the Gospel!

We use Jelly Telly all year long, but I especially appreciate the collections of shows they put together for Advent, Easter, and other holidays and special days throughout the year. These resources add a new visual element for the kids and are a much better substitute to other shows they might be watching instead! Click here to see some of the Easter programming Jelly Telly offers.

More Ideas for Lent and Easter

Sometimes I want to do all of the studies and activities available, but when I try to put too much on our plates, I end up giving up and doing nothing. As a result, our family is keeping things simple this year. We’re using the Simple Intentions journal page in combination with our Clean on the Inside family devotional. But if you haven’t found a great option for your family in this list, or if you simply want to look through a few more ideas, click on over to check out my full list of Lent and Easter ideas for Christian families.

Because of Jesus,

Erika // FaithfulMoms.org

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