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17 Four Letter Words Husbands SHOULD Use In Marriage

Four Letter Words

Four letter words are given a bad name due to the fact that there are a select few of them that are not edifying. As husbands, we need to avoid those words (Proverbs 21:23) and focus on the four letter words that encourage, nurture, and grow our relationships with our spouse.

Here are 17 four letter words husbands SHOULD use to give life to their marriage:

1. Love – Your wife cannot hear “I Love You” enough. When communicated genuinely, it’s a simple way to affirm her and your marriage.

2. Sexy – Telling your wife she looks sexy, especially as you grow older together, lets her know you still find her attractive and desirous.

3. Pray – Have you asked your wife to pray with you lately? Taking the initiative to pray together will bring harmony in your marriage as you both submit your wills to His.

4. Joke – When is the last time you laughed together? Shared laughter draws couples together, so tell a good joke once in a while.

5. Gaze – When we were newly married, we would take time to gaze at the sky on a clear night. We shared our hopes, dreams, and aspirations with each other. There’s something about gazing at God’s heavenly creation that fuels intimate conversation.

6. Cook – If your wife does most of the cooking for your family, play the role of the chef once in awhile. It is a small but significant gesture that tells your wife you want to serve her. REMINDER: This only works if you also clean the dishes after the meal. Don’t leave a mess for your wife to clean up!

7. Note – Many relationships start off with little notes of love and encouragement to each other. But then life and kids take over, and we forget the simple things that we did for each other. Write a note to your wife and stick it on the bathroom mirror or in her car when you leave for work in the morning. I have found a little note in the morning can play a significant role in how the evening turns out!

8. Read – If you’re looking to rekindle conversation in your marriage, reading the same book together can be a great way to re-establish that connection.

9. Sing – We love to sing in the car… especially when it embarrasses the tweenager in the household. This notion is not too far removed from #4. Have fun together! It’s amazing how laughing and enjoying each other’s company can bring back the spark in a relationship.

10. Date – It may sound cliché, but dating your wife on a regular basis keeps the lines of communication open and allows you  — as a couple — to stay connected away from the kids.

11. Walk – In our 23 years of marriage, my wife has never turned down a walk. If you want to guarantee alone time with your wife, ask her if she would like to go for a walk. Again, it’s about finding time to connect as a couple.

12. Give – The marriage that gives together stays together. Give to each other. Give to others.  Give to your church.  Give to your favorite charity. As long as both of you are giving, you won’t have time to focus on yourself. And that’s a recipe for a successful marriage.

13. Kind – It’s amazing how unkind we can be to those we love the most. Even as you work through conflict in marriage, remain kind in your words and actions. Often we create additional – and unneeded – conflict by simply not being kind with each other.

14. Gift – Those small, unexpected gifts (like her favorite chocolate) can send the message, “I was thinking of you today.” The gift – inexpensive. The dividends – priceless.

15. Hugs – Not everyone’s love language is touch, but men generally do not hug their wives nearly enough. Not only is it an intimate gesture but also an act of reassurance.

16. Talk – After a long day at work, most husbands do not want to come home and talk about their day. However, shutting your wife out of a big portion of your life is not healthy for your relationship. After an appropriate amount of “down time,” make sure you share your day with your wife.

17. Kiss – When is the last time you kissed your wife? I mean REALLY kissed your wife like you meant it? Remember kissing your wife for the first time? So does she. Be kids again. Go for it!



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  1. Those may be for men. But, as a women it was a good reminder of how we all want to be treated! Great job Mitchell

    1. Melinda, thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

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