15 Fun Conversation Starters for Christian Families

Family meals are the perfect time to strike up meaningful conversation with your spouse and kids. But what if the usual probes such as “How was your day?” and “What did you learn in school today?” fall flat with one-word answers?


I dunno.



Time to shake things up a bit, amen? Try these quick conversation starters designed to get the whole family thinking and chatting and laughing around the table. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to drag even the most reluctant conversationalist out of his shell!

1. If you could talk to the whole world for just 15 seconds, what would you say?

2. Name three things that make you happy.

3. What is the biggest problem you are facing right now?

4. Tell us a joke.

5. What is your favorite memory?

6. What made you laugh today?

7. If you could have one dream come true, what would it be?

8. Did you help someone today? How?

9. What is one question you would like to ask God?

10. Name three things you’re thankful for.

11. If you were an ice cream cone, what flavor would you be? Why?

12. What is one way you say God working today?

13. How can we help you feel appreciated right now?

14. If you could be famous for inventing something, what would it be?

15. How can we pray for you today?

When each family member answers, be sure to truly listen. With just a few thoughtful questions, you can quickly grow to understand one another’s hearts. And that’s a beautiful goal for any family.

What questions would YOU add to the list?

Becky Kopitzke

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