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You Are Not Alone in Your Move

I looked out the bare window. There was nothing I could do to avoid the large black letters on the side of the truck in front of our house. No matter where I turned those letters seemed to glare right back at me in bold print. Moving Truck.

Later that day, after all of our furniture had been loaded into that moving truck, my family and I climbed in as well. As we began our trek across several states to get to our new home, I couldn’t help but wonder as I stared out the window, “Why did we think moving away from the community we had been a part of for years was a good idea? Would we find a good school for our kids? Had we really thought and prayed this decision all the way through?”

I even considered asking my husband to turn around so we could hold tightly to everything we knew and stay where we were because staying felt like the safer and easier option.

It was at that moment that God reminded me that He was with us. He reminded me that we were following Him in this move and that when we follow His leading toward something it usually always involves moving away from something else. Away from good things as well as hard things. God knew what our family needed and He was already going ahead of us. Preparing us for a new school, a new job, and a new home.

Deuteronomy 31:8 says: “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Is your family moving this summer?

Summer seems to bring reset to our homes. A reset that usually involves no homework, lots of rest and vacations, but for many of us, a summer reset can involve a move or transition.

Have you experienced change recently? Summers tend to bring transition, and for many, they are the season of physical moves. Today’s encouragement is for families leaving a life behind to embrace what God has called them to next.  We’re with you on the journey. Some moves are exciting, others are heavy with unwanted sadness or circumstances determining the move. Whatever your circumstances surrounding your move, remember to focus on the promise that God has gone before you and He knows your needs.

Do not fear, He knows the something you are leaving behind, and He doesn’t want it to hold you back. He promises to be faithful and provide for all of your needs.

In those tough moments that come with a move remember:

Your move gives your family a chance to start fresh and dream new dreams.
Your move gives your family new opportunities to grow closer together.
Your move can bring unexpected blessings of new friends.
Your move can take your eyes off of yourself and put them on Jesus, He will not fail you.

As you move, you will feel frustration. We did. We tried a few schools before we found the right one for our kids. We lived in transitional housing for 8 months while we looked for a home and tried to sell ours. We are still building new friendships. But God was and is faithful through it.

He will move you where He wants you to be, and even though it usually involves moving away from something, don’t hold so tightly to your something that it keeps you and your family from following after Him.

Seeking Him alongside you.


Amber Collins

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