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When You Desperately Need Something to Settle Your Soul

Last year was a whirlwind. Pat was diagnosed with cancer, he went through five months of treatment and had two stem cell transplants on top of all of the normal day to day stresses of life. I find myself longing for normal, whatever that is, and the struggle with worry is real. 

When we feel overwhelmed by the loss of a job, a new opportunity, or a devastating diagnosis we can feel like we are in way over our head. But it seems that often times, when we feel in over our head, we are exactly where God wants us. We have no choice but to trust Him. To seek His wisdom. To cling to His promises of faithfulness and power. 

Are you in the midst of circumstances that threaten to steal your peace? Maybe you are facing health issues, struggling to balance all life has handed you, or feeling the snare of anxiety creeping into your life. Whatever it is, God longs to give you His peace.

Whether you’re a working professional, a wife, a mom, a sister, an aunt, a daughter-in-law, or any combination of these, what your stressed and exhausted heart needs most is rest. I had no idea when I signed the contract for Settle My Soul how desperately I would need the devotions that fill these pages. Beyond tips to help me worry less, I need to connect with God’s heart as I center my thoughts on Him and His Word. 

Today, I extend an invitation for you to join me in carving out a few moments of your day to find the peace your soul longs for through these 100 encouraging devotions. And I am certain you know someone who desperately needs a settled soul as well. Would you share this with them? This devotional for women includes applicable scripture, guided prayers, and journaling space for reflection. If we will just press pause for a few minutes each day, we can discover what we so desperately long for: a settled soul.

I am thrilled to introduce Settle My Soul to you as it releases today! You can grab your copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ChristianBook.com and anywhere books are sold.


Ruth Schwenk

P.S. This Thursday, March 28, I’ll be joining my co-author Karen Ehman on her Facebook and Instagram to share our most helpful tips for cultivating a consistent habit of reading, studying and memorizing the Bible. Tune in LIVE at 9:30 AM ET or catch the replay at your convenience.

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