Through The Eyes Of A Child

FTF October

It is in the most unexpected moments that the words of my children speak the truth. Words fitly spoken in love.  And although my child speaks with innocence and truth, the feeling under my skin doesn’t always feel so comfortable or truthful.

In the middle of an action packed day, that dear to my heart, little face sprinkled with freckles, was in full view of my rear view mirror, and she let her thoughts roll off of her tongue in usual fashion.  Usually lighthearted and almost always prophetic, this little green-eyed wonder put a new sinker on my heart.

Following another one of her hilarious comments, and a van full of uproarious laughter, she speaks to my eyes in the mirror,

“Mommy, you laughed! I have never heard you laugh.”

This introspective daughter. She is five. FIVE young years.

My skin is prickly and my eyes are wide with wonder.  Really daughter?  I knew her words were a stretch to reality, but the real truth in this?  This is how she sees me.  Not as a mom who has NEVER laughed, but as one so serious.  Realistically focusing on raising a large family and keeping my mind alert and in tune with everything going on.

But laughter?  Through the eyes of my child I am lacking laughter.  And the whole week I pondered this and realized.  Yes, I miss this part of my personality. This gift from God.  A lot.

Perhaps if we stepped into their line of vision we might catch a glimpse of the bits and pieces that we give them, often forgetting that they cannot see what is inside.  The real us.

Mothers and fathers lay it all down for their children by serving their needs and ministering to their hearts daily.

Internet time, bills, housework, work schedules conflicting with quality family time and finding the balance can give our children a false impression of what or who we are molding them to be.  In the image of Christ –His workmanship.

And the effects of our serious tasks will peek out through the cracks in our humanity.

How do want them to remember us?  As a servant of the Lord carrying His banner with a sour demeanor, a strict voice or a heavy-laden burden that seems just way too heavy for the One we serve?

How do they see us?

The prickly truth sometimes is just enough for us to take a long look in the mirror and give our hearts a re-check.

What is inside always will comes out.  Sometimes, our children can see right through us.

May our love and actions be more than skin deep.


September McCarthy


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  1. I’m that mom that doesn’t laugh….pitiful! I’ve become way too serious in my “old” age! Not all that many verses about that, I wonder why?
    Ecclesiastes 3:4 “a time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance”
    Luke 6:21 “blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh”
    Life is hard but that’s all the more reason to find the humor in this life. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I cringe at what my children think of me. I feel like I have lost all joy in life. I am afraid I am making them afraid to be parents themselves. Life is just too much.

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