Single Parent: You Are a Family, Too


Pulling the blankets over your children after they have fallen asleep.  Going through the bills when everyone is asleep and waiting up on the teenager who has a curfew.

Alone. And maybe never getting used to it.

But we want to tell you something very important:

You are a family.  And nothing can change the love that binds you together.

Your situation is different from the next, but you still pull the same hours that we do.  Just double-duty.

Your schedule may look very different from the neighbor’s, but you are juggling it alone.  And together.

You and your child.

But apart from the pictures that little children may color, with a two-parent stick figure drawing, and the notes that come home from the teachers, “Dear Parents.”

We know that you are working hard to make your family a beautiful, strong and happy place for both, or all of you.

We believe in the family.  We believe in you.

We just want to know what else we can do.  What is missing in your life? Where can another person come along and help fill the gap?

We see you at the grocery store and at the gas pump.   We watch you sit in the front row at recitals and concerts to be sure your child knows you are there, cheering.  Every inch of your being is thrown into living life for your family.

And when the night falls and the darkness descends upon your home, we are thinking about you. And we want you to know that we understand this is hard.  It is rewarding.  And you are making a difference. Your roots are growing deep into their lives and will make a difference for generations to come.

Even when it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the bills are getting behind.  Or when we see you do the victory dance at the end line for your little quarterback, and he gives you the wink… the look that only you two will understand.

And the moment your child needs a hug, and no one else will do.  The teen who has given you fits, grows up and texts or calls you to champion your motherhood. Thanking you for doing it ALL for him.

That is what a family is.  And you are it.

Keep going friends.  You are doing a great.  We all struggle with the “parenting thing.”

But, you are in our prayers.  And we can all be thankful for the Lord’s guiding mercy that gives us the strength to just keep going.

God is the Champion of families.  Yours and mine.  Single parent, you are making a difference!



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