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An Open Book (literally) to Our Marriage

Well, as I (Ruth) sit here typing this I can hardly believe that my hubby and I are getting ready to launch out into the world our very first book together. Not only is it frightening to put your work out there, but it is even more frightening when you are telling the world all about your marriage…yikes!! This is the real deal folks!

But to be completely honest, I guess one of the reasons we wanted to do this {to tell you about our marriage and our family and just our real everyday life —sometimes great, sometimes hard, sometimes hysterical)} is because we wanted to be able to reach out a hand and say, “us too” and “You’re not alone”. We wanted you to feel as if you had a friend to walk through this season of motherhood AND marriage with. How could we ever grow if we didn’t let others into our lives? So this is our life for you to see, our open book. This is our family. This is us…The Schwenk Tribe as my husband often calls us. We pray God uses every ounce of it to encourage you, to give you hope, and to give you the courage to keep fighting for your marriage and your family in whatever corner of the world you find yourself in.

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For Better or For Kids started as an idea on a flight from Detroit to Denver. We would never have imagined at the time that it would grow into a book! In 1998, we started the adventure of marriage as two, but have since added four kids, a couple of dogs, and a hamster. We are incredibly thankful to God for giving us the opportunity to share our story with so many other couples. FBOFK officially releases tomorrow (stick around for a fun week of fabulous giveaways!) but….

TODAY is the VERY LAST DAY that you can order the book and claim Our Family Map!

What is Our Family Map?

You guys! This workbook – Our Family Map is a great companion for the book! We wrote this from our family with YOUR family in mind. Our Family Map will give you some additional tools (“nuts and bolts”) for navigating this good, but messy mission of marriage with kids in the house. We’ll provide some discussion ideas and questions to help you and your spouse:

· Discover and be honest with where you really are..right. now.

· Find ways to guard your time for what is most important to you

· Create a family mission statement and values

· Purposefully pray for your marriage

· And more!

Also…….If you order TODAY you will be able to get a jump start on the book with THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS OF FOR BETTER OR FOR KIDS AS AN IMMEDIATE PDF DOWNLOAD!

and last but not least….

If you order TODAY you will also be entered TO WIN 1 OF 10 SIGNED COPIES OF FOR BETTER OR FOR KIDS.

Soooo….HOW do you get the bonuses? It is really simple. Just follow the instructions below.


Pre-Order the book from any of these retailers using the links below.

Pre-Order Here:  Amazon.com | BarnesandNoble.com | ChristianBook.com | FamilyChristian.com | Zondervan.com or anywhere books are sold.

NOTE: Record your order number as you will need it for Step 2 to verify proof of pre-order.


Complete the Pre-Order Bonus Form located here.

That’s it! Remember, this offer is only available for purchases made up to Midnight, PT, on Monday July 11, 2016.

We will “see” you on Tuesday as we celebrate with a fun week of giveaways and we dig a little deeper into this topic of marriage and parenting.

Many blessings,

Patrick and Ruth

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