One Simple Resolution

As 2016 draws to a close our minds turn towards our desires and intentions of the year to come. We can focus on goals, new workout plans, and bucket lists, or we can choose to focus on just ONE thing that will make all the difference in the world. Are you ready to make the only resolution that matters?My guess is that your world (family, relationships, work, obligations, finances, body, home improvements, etc…) is full of all kinds of unfinished work that at times seems entirely OVERWHELMING! For some crazy reason, we decided to take on a major renovation of our kitchen and the entire first floor of our house during the Holiday season. There was nothing like having our Thanksgiving Meal in the basement this year! All ten adults and fourteen kids! Guaranteed to be a Thanksgiving we will never forget!

As we approach January 1st, 2017, my guess is there will be dozens of options that come to mind for each of us on something we want to improve, change, quit, or start in the New Year. I have one simple resolution that I’m thinking will be THE game-changer in my life and in your life because of the One who invites us to do it.

Your personal trainer, P90X coach, Life Coach, Jazzercise Coach, Financial Planner, Architect, Boss – they will all have you set goals and resolutions in 2017, but I want you to hear and reflect on an offer Jesus makes.
In John 15 – Jesus tells us that IF WE REMAIN (abide) in Him, we will bear FRUIT. “Abide” is the Greek word “meno,” which means literally to “make your home in.” Plant yourself, marinate your life, stay, remain, be rooted in Jesus and His life will flow in you and through you.

Here’s the reality: We are all going to “abide” in something in the New Year.
For the productivity junkies amongst us, it may be a new approach to accomplishing more. For the workout junkies amongst us, it may be a new way to finally discovering our abdominal muscles. For the home improvement junkies, we may soak our brains in Pottery Barn, IKEA, and Crate&Barrel catalogs until we are utterly depressed with our current house.
We ALL will abide in something.

Abide in Me – Jesus says.
Make your home in Me – Jesus invites.
Here’s the great NEWS and promise from Jesus:
You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain (John 15:16).
You have been pursued, rescued, and redeemed by Jesus.
Abiding in Jesus is not about accomplishing more.
It’s about trusting that He is at work as we rest, delight, and enjoy Him.
It’s about seeing our lives as an extension of what He wants to do IN us and THROUGH us.
God bless,

Ryan Snow

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