How Do I Love Thee? {A Christian Interpretation of the Famous Poem}

How Do I Love Thee?


For my wife…



How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

I love thee enough to lead
No matter the depth, the breadth, the height
Whether we walk in the brightest of days
Or stumble in the darkest of nights.
I love thee as much as I love myself
But even greater still
For as Christ sacrificed for his bride,
Thus thee can know I will.

I love thee as a precious jewel
And have no lack of gain.
Favor and Honor are mine to hold
Because of thine fair name.
I love thee with undying passion
As thou captivates my heart
With a soulful fragrance sweeter than fruit
And more beautiful than art.

In grief, in sorrow,
Pressed hard on every side
There’s no hand I’d rather take
Than thine, my lovely bride.
With Christ as thine strength,
And clothed in His dignity
There can be no other reason
As to why I love thee.


If you would like to read Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s original poem, click here.

Celebrate your love with each other this week!

Peace and Blessings,


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