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From Running Errands to Digging Deeper into God’s Word

Even the most everyday and mundane moments can become teaching times filled with God's word, with the potential to transform our hearts and the hearts of our children. How can we tap into those situations with intention? By storing up the word of God in our own hearts and teaching our children to do the same, so we can dig for truths and applications wherever we are! Get ready to Dig in God's word anytime and anywhere with this amazing resource.

No matter who you are, there are days that errands have to be run. Have you ever considered that when you are out running errands with your children, it could turn into a time of digging deeper into God’s Word?

Last month, I had nine errands to run from one end of the capital city to another…all in one day. I told my children, that they could stay home or come with me. I was truly hoping that they would pick “stay home”, but that was not the case. Therefore, as we prepared to leave, I told them to get what they needed and grab something to read or play with while in the truck.

That is when something happened that I least expected. My 9 year old son carried down a small New Testament from his bedroom, put on his shoes, and walked to the truck.

I stopped my last minute preparations and thought,

Do I willingly set aside all of my other “favorite things” and “to-do list” for more time to read and dig deeper into God’s Word?

As we began driving around the city, my son began reading the Bible to himself, and then, he piped up and said, “Would it be ok if I read some verses out loud for all of us to hear?” We all answered, “Sure”, and I turned off the praise music to focus on what he was going to read.

Now, I never expected this trip running errands around the city would turn into a time of studying and discussing God’s Word with my children. Yet that is what happened, and what a joy to see my youngest child thirsting for God’s Word and sharing it with me and his siblings.

Do you desire to dig deeper in God’s Word as a family, or encourage your children to study the Bible individually?

Let me share with you one of my favorite children’s Bible resources! It is The Dig series by Patrick Schwenk (co-founder of For the Family). This series is geared more for ages 3-8 years old, but it can be tweaked for older children. This is exactly what I did with the new book, The Dig: Proverbs. I incorporated an in-depth, individual Bible study of the whole book of Proverbs for my three children into our homeschool curriculum, which includes:

  1. Read the assigned Bible passage from Proverbs, which includes between 10-15 verses. This would be “The Dig”.
  2. Find “The Treasure” that you want to remember from the Scripture.
  3. Journal a verse, a phrase, key words, or draw a picture. Share with others what God has taught you. This would be “The Display”.

The goal of our daily Bible assignment this year is to dig deeper in God’s Word. There is no time limit. There is no comparing who has a prettier journal entry. It is about each one of us digging to find the treasure that we want to apply to our lives. It is an “extra” quiet time to dig into the one Book that is our all-sufficient Life Guide – God’s Word.

My desire as a parent is for Proverbs 6:22 to be true not only in my life, but also in my children’s. It says, When you walk, they [God’s Words] will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you.

Dig deeper in God’s Word. It is the all-sufficient Life Guide..

Do you want to know more how to invest in your children? You can read my 1st article about The Dig: Luke here on TheDigforKids.com called “Invest in Your Children”.

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Trisha Goddard

Trisha GoddardTrisha Goddard is a born again believer, created and called to express her faith through love by serving her family and women in ministry. She is married to Mike, and they have three children: Michael, Lea, and Kaleb. They live in Paraguay, where they have served in ministry since 2004. In her free time, Trisha enjoys reading and traveling with her family. Personal website: mtgoddard.com



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