Fresh Family Rhythms

The new year brings quieter days and lots of indoor time to our homes. Consider a few of these fresh family rhythms to add glow, cheer and creativity to your family!

“New Year, new you! Live with intention and have your best year yet! Choose your ONE word for 2017!”

Sound familiar? Resetting, reflecting and refocusing in the new year has become its own world with its own economy. If we’re simply making resolutions, it feels like we’re not doing enough. And yet, wintertime does bring a change all its own that requires our attention. The stillness of a season where night descends early and cold weather drives us to the fire for warmth brings a new season to family life. In the fresh new year, consider some fresh family rhythms and try these three ways to engage the hearts of those in your care.

Warm Their Hearts

When the cold is biting, nourish little tummies and warm little hands with something warm. Hot cocoa, herbal tea or coffee with cream (for the grown-ups!) accompanied by warm muffins or warm applesauce from the stove can instantly gather your family together. Replace a typical snack with something cozy in the chill. Settle in together to talk about ideas, enjoy poetry, a read aloud or listen to music or an audio book as a family.

Let There Be Light

January is the perfect time for year to light candles throughout your home. After the Christmas tree is gone, most of us are hungry for some twinkle. As the sun fades, signal your family to the events evening brings. The soft glow will cheer you and slow the rhythms of the day to help prepare little ones for bedtime.

Live Life Creative

Quieter days with more time indoors are the perfect time for us, and our children, to take on a new artistic pursuit. Consider knitting, embroidery, wood carving or painting. Creativity can be simple and endless! One winter, a rubber band rainbow loom produced quite the bounty of bracelets in our home!

Wherever the new year finds you, embrace the freedom to lean into these slower days with joy. They can truly be a delight for your family!


Kristen Kill

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