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How To Be a Family That Stands (When We Could Use A Good Dose Of Encouragement)

Happy smiling family sitting on the grass in the park and looking up.

Sitting in the ICU for weeks in waiting and praying mode is an eye opener to the state of the common family today.  Every time the elevator door opens and visitors flood the waiting area or step back onto the elevator, I catch a visual mini-movie of families.

This birds-eye-view of families in action, set my heart into thinking that so many families are wanderers in a strange and challenging land, never with direction on HOW To Be Family.

After three weeks of watching the degeneration of the family unit step off and onto that elevator, I knew deep down that the only hope for the family is to shine brighter and share the hope in Christ we have each and every day.

Because we all know that being a family is…not…easy.

The tugs and pulls from the world might get a firm grip on the heart of our home and can seep into the cracks of our walls before we know it.

We all need a good example.  A Godly example.

Has this generation become cold to the wasting away of values, work ethics and the solid foundation that the family was created to be?

I’ve seen husbands give up and walk away from the institution of marriage, and wives resolve to things always being the same and never changing.  Losing Hope.

Friends, my heart is on fire For The Family.  Burdened and motivated to give the answers, seek out those that I see stumbling and fumbling around clueless.

And for us, that are here and trying to do our best in the Power of Jesus name, well, we can set the bar higher, because we know. We know the answers, and are THE example.

We are the difference. As hard as it is for us, imagine those without THE hope.

You know families like this.  You may see it every day in your workplace, in your social circles, or maybe you are the family that is crumbling and you are afraid to say that this is what you are craving.  Hope.

Can we stand together?  Those that are getting it.. the hope, the example and those that are weak at the knees and need support.

We could all use a good dose of encouragement.  For our family.

So, just how do we learn to become the family that can stand?

Point our children back to Christ in every single thing we do. Our lives are not ours to own and control.  A family that acknowledges Him, will be directed in their paths.

Stand for the moral decisions that you know Christ teaches us in His word.  Even when the world challenges us on all fronts.  Those small decisions that we have let go, are the cracks that let darkness filter into our home.

Give your family a moral compass that comes not from your own ideals or opinions, but those that are from the Word of God.  Our goal is not to raise children up in our image, but to honor our Creator and all that He is and could be to us.

The family that stands in the hope of God redeeming all the pain, heartache and trials, keeps from finger-pointing and blame.  This is the very beginning of degeneration of the family foundation.

We are responsible for our families and we are to be the light that shines for others to gain hope from.

For their families – We will stand together.  You are doing a great thing.  He began this work in you, allow Him to help you finish strong.

There is hope.  What are you standing strong for?

Family comes first.



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  1. Great post!

    I think, though, that perhaps before family comes duty. Duty to God, and the obligation to service without resentment or “side”.

    I used to teach at the college level, and sw that the kids really did want to be called to obligation; they had seen quite enough of the “Me Generation”.

    There is hope!

  2. We are currently the family trying to stand.

    Three weeks into a life-altering crisis, friends and family keep telling us how “amazed” they are at our strength. We don’t see it, but know if they are seeing anything at all, it is not us. It’s only by the grace of God that we are getting up each morning.

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