Family Fun for Valentine’s Day

love Valentine’s Day. Growing up my mom always made the day special with pancakes for breakfast and an afternoon tea. Now, I love making the day special for my kids too. I also enjoy the fact that there’s no “right” way to celebrate it. No need to travel, buy gifts, or host a dinner. It is a fun day that brightens up winter and celebrates love. And is an opportunity to eat chocolate. Can’t pass up that opportunity!

Today I’m sharing our traditions for celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family. I hope they may inspire you to create some fun memories with your family too.

Read a Book

Valentine’s Day is rich in ancient history and tradition, dating all the way back to the ancient Romans. Even though many might view the day as simply a marketing scheme for Hallmark, it’s so much more. We have enjoyed learning about the traditions that make up this holiday and where our current-day traditions come from. The Story of Valentine’s Day by Clyde Robert Bulla gives the historical background for many of our modern traditions in a brightly colored picture book. Saint Valentine by Ann Tompert is an illustrated book that explores the life and legend of Valentine, a third-century Roman Christian priest. Learning about his life adds depth and meaning to the holiday.

Make a Craft

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day we also take some time to make cards for each other. I simply pull out the scissors, tape, glue, construction paper, and paper doilies and let the kids create to their hearts content. No fancy projects or directions. However, if you need inspiration or want to try something more complicated, Pinterest is filled with kid-friendly ideas.

Eat Sweet Treats

We usually have a Valentine’s Day party to mark the day and hand out our cards to family members. This isn’t an extravagant event. I usually just make hot chocolate and distribute store-bought treats or heart-shaped sugar cookies. It can be as simple as you like. It is simply a moment to celebrate the people closest to us.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family? If so, how?


Danielle Ayers-Jones

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