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One simple way you can connect with your kids TODAY

Would you believe it if we told you there is one thing we are guaranteed your children want from you? It can change their behavior, the environment of your home, and ultimately, the hearts of each member of your family. Cultivate connection today with this one simple method!She made a mistake.

It was small and relatively insignificant, but she didn’t want to ask for help.

Pride nor insolence motivated her ; it was fear that kept her from turning to her parents.

She was afraid she’d get in trouble, and felt like she couldn’t do anything right.

And my heart broke when I realized how she felt.

In that moment, I realized that my responsible, kind, helpful daughter didn’t understand my deep, abiding love for her.

How could she not know?  I wondered.

Her reticence shook me, and I prayerfully began to retrace our last few weeks.

It didn’t take long for God to tenderly open my eyes to my own behavior. I’d gotten so caught up in the  routine of “getting things done” and “making things happen,” I failed to give my daughter what she craved — me.

How many times in the last few weeks did I stop what  I was working on, look her in the eye, and help her instead of throwing out another “Hold on a minute” while I stayed focused on my task?

How many times did I share something beautiful I saw in her or express what I appreciate about her, rather than focusing the majority of my words on teaching, correcting, reprimanding, or doling out tasks?

How many times was I intentional about telling her how wonderfully God made her and showing her the sufficiency of His grace, as opposed to harrumphing, rolling my eyes, or sighing with my last breath when she made a poor choice or demonstrated her sin nature?

Rather than speaking words of life and love and truth, I became a cruel task master barking out commands and correction and control. I became so busy with my to-do list and so preoccupied with myself, I forgot how much my little girl simply needed me — my attention, my focus, my presence, my love.

All of my kids do.

And that is one of the reasons the “Bless your Kids Challenge” began.

I so believe in the importance of praying for our kids, I started a whole ministry devoted to helping parents pray for their kids! But this blessing challenge is a little bit different.

Our kids need to hear us speak love and blessing over them. They are longing to know if they really matter to us, if we see them and care for them. They want to know they’re loved, protected, and cherished.

When our kids know our love, they are more inclined to understand God’s love.

Experiencing our care helps them recognize God’s care.

The mysteries of God’s mercy and faithfulness and presence are made a little more understandable when our kids encounter those graces in us.

I want my kids to grasp those truths and experience them in our home, but in addition to hearing me speak love and blessing over them,  I want to Biblically affirm my kids and encourage their faith. I want them to know who God has called them to be and who they are in Christ. And of course, I want to be intentional about connecting with their heart every day.

As a result, I started speaking Scripture truth over my kids each day. My goal was to intentionally speak these Biblical blessings over my kids for a full month, but I saw change within the first week.

Our relationships are better, our family bonds are tighter, and our home is different. God is using the truth of His Word and the power of His Spirit to change us!


If you’re looking for

  • a way to connect with your kids,
  • affirm them with the truth of God’s Word, and
  • foster faith in your kids (and you!),

join me and thousands of other parents  for the “Bless your Kids Challenge.”

God has promised that His Word will not return empty or void but will accomplish what God has purposed for it to do.

May He use this simple challenge in deep, life-changing, faith-building ways in your family, too.

Find out more about the challenge HERE


Erika // faithfulmoms.org


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