Beat Boredom with an Adventurous Summer Challenge

You were called to live a life of adventure and lead your kids in living adventurously. Are you ready for an adventurous summer challenge? What fun memories can you conjure up this summer?

When my three boys were little, summer was synonymous with “kids covered in dirt”. They loved playing outside in the dirt, running, exploring nature, digging in the dirt, finding bugs, playing at the park, and well… DIRT! While it was delightful watching them interact with the big world around them, the days felt longer and more exhausting than they did impactful.

As the boys have gotten older, however, summer has gained a more charming appeal. While the 6.5 hours of quiet time during a school day are absolutely glorious, my heart yearns for summer break with my boys.

I crave the daily connection summer break affords us. It’s the carefree days void of schedules and busyness that I long for, and the opportunity for an adventurous summer with them that I eagerly await.


Live Adventurously

You and I are called to live a life of adventure. We are also called to raise our children to live adventurous lives. Not necessarily mountain climbing, cliff jumping, swimming with sharks, terrifying kinds of adventure. But the adventurousness of living boldly.

When we give our undivided attention to each other (sans electronics) and live adventurously… that’s when real connection with our kids and our Creator occurs.

Author Roger W. Thompson wrote this in his book, We Stood Upon Stars, to implore us to live a life of adventure.

There is a higher purpose of adventure. An adventure simultaneously reveals who we are capable of becoming and nudges us in that direction. Even more, an adventure does the same for our children. Before they are plagued with doubts about what they can’t do, a good adventure shows them what they can. And the more they hike the mountain, or cross the river, or stare at the stars, the more they will ask the bigger questions and believe in the bigger version of themselves. On the playground, they wonder if they have the superpowers to overcome their fears; a good adventure will prove that they do.”

I want my children to live an adventurous life. I want them to lean into the wild and be filled with wonder.

When adventure calls them into the unknown, I want mystery and excitement to flood their souls as they push themselves to new levels and try new things. I want them to marvel at and explore God’s handiwork, ask big questions, take a risk on themselves, believe in themselves, and live boldly.

And I want to be right there living adventurously with them!

A Challenge to Living a Bold, Adventurous Life

I long for a lifetime of the memories and stories that adventure brings, the belly laughs and inside jokes that come with it. I want to live life to the fullest with the people I love most and to walk in the joy of experiencing God with them.

I want this for me AND FOR YOU!

Friend, I challenge you to start living a bold and adventurous life that will make a lasting impact on this summer and the remaining summers you have left together.

I challenge you:

  • to connect with your kids and being truly in-the-moment present with them.
  • to create a habit of spending quality time with your kids every single day.
  • to be a fun parent your kids WANT to hang out with!

(BTW… if you need some fun and easy adventure ideas, I’ve mapped out a plan for you in my free 30-DAY SUMMER CHALLENGE! 30-days and 30 ways to connect with your kids this summer! 65+ adventure prompts, a customizable 30-day agenda, and tips to help you better balance your to-do list with your want-to-dos. Think more family time and less housework!)

You were called to a life of adventure, and YOU get to lead your children in living their own adventurous lives. I pray that you step out in boldness to show them the way and that your hearts find joy and connection in your time together!


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