Adventures in Odyssey – Taking the Plunge {a Review and Giveaway}

Use Adventures in Odyssey in to help build character into your children.

This is a sponsored post. I was given a free copy of Adventures in Odyssey: Taking the Plunge in exchange for this review. All opinions are honest.

The Adventures in Odyssey series is a great character building tool. Not only is it fun for children to follow along with, they learn valuable lessons as well. In a world saturated with so much twaddle and poor moral standards, this is a very refreshing series.

The characters are lively and full of emotion. They play out scenes dramatically and

In Taking the Plunge {Volume 59}, the characters focus on decision making and how being hasty in making some decisions could be wrong when you don’t think them through.

One scenario involved a young woman who was proposed to by a young man and rather than jumping in with both feet, she decided to think it through.

She thought through how different they were in their spiritual walks and wondered if they would be a good match. She also considered what it might do to her relationships with her friends. When I say different in their spiritual walks, I just mean that she is more quiet and reserved while he is more open and out loud in the church setting.

The series takes you through several different scenarios and how the characters worked through their issues, what they were thinking and how those who surrounded them responded.

Topics included in Taking the Plunge are expectations, discernment, family legacies, false fronts, teamwork, and resolving conflict.

This particular Volume is geared more toward older kids, such as tweens. The problem solving skills are definitely for a more logical thinker and the story content was suited toward older children.

What I love about Adventures in Odyssey is that they are wonderfully put together stories that seamlessly build character into my children as they learn things such as problem solving and decision making.

They are a wonderful alternative to television! 🙂

This volume has about 2 1/2 hours of episodes. My eldest children listened to the whole thing in one sitting as they were drawing.

Listening to Adventures in Odyssey

While everyone could hear it, my younger children lost interest in the topics so they mostly scampered about, in and out of the house.

But we have other favorites they like to listen to. My eight year old asked if he could listen to a different episode in another room. I can’t speak highly enough about this series. Which is why we’re giving one away!

If you’d rather just go grab a copy, you can go to the Tyndale website and purchase one here. It would make a great Christmas gift. Hey, it’s never too early to start!


We are giving away a copy of Volume #59: Taking the Plunge to one lucky reader!!

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  1. My kids LOVE Adventures in Odyssey! We are constantly signing them out from our church library. And they listen online, the same ones over and over!

  2. For many years our children listened to Adventures in Odyssey . Those cassette tapes(yes cassettes) and then CD’s got us through many road trips and bed times. We were and still are a military family. Our children are ages 25,22, and 21 now. I have saved all the old cassettes and CD’s. I hope to someday let our grandchildren listen to them. When we are traveling to visit our grown children, we try to locate a station where Adventures in Odyssey is being broadcasted. Even now as a grown up , empty nester, we LOVE those stories. Thank you for continuing quality materials.

  3. My kids are 6 and 3 and we don’t listen to AIO yet. I have 2 nieces that are 10 and 12 and they love AIO and have quite a collection. They tell me all the time that their cousins are going to love AIO too! Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

  4. We have spent HOURS listening to Adventures in Odyssey. It’s a favorite for the adults down to the youngest. Great way to pass a rainy day like today!

  5. Our family loves Adventures in Odyssey. We listen to them all the time and when we drive on vacation. My husband says we will still listen when the kids are grown.

  6. My 3 kids are still little and have only started listening to audiobooks. Can’t wait to introduce them to Odyssey!

  7. I love Adventures in Odyssey. I listened to it as a young person and still do when it comes on Saturdays and I have it in the car from 91,7 American Family Radio in Mississippi.

  8. I used to listen to it but at the time, my kids were too young to really be interested in it.

  9. Love Adventures in Odyssey! I have been enjoying the episodes for well over a decade and enjoy how true to the Bible and relevant to modern culture they are.

  10. No, we have never heard Adventures in Odyssey. I think my kids would enjoy it though.

  11. YES … we listen very often through the radio … and mostly on Saturday mornings. Thank you for the chance .. hope to win this 🙂

  12. My older ones used to listen to it on a christian radio station has we drove to/from school/work each day. My youngest two have not heard it before (I no longer know of a station that plays it).

  13. My oldest especially loves these, though my other 3 do as well, they just are not as able to sit and listen…unless we are on a road trip 😉

  14. We listen on the radio once per week but would love the CD for road trips and at home too!

  15. My oldest is 5. When we went on a road trip last summer I checked out a few Adventures in Odyssey CD’s for the trip from the library. It was a little over my son’s head at the time. I’ve kinda forgotten about it until reading this post. Time to give it another try!! 🙂

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